Book Review-Dream Island by Josie Litton

Book Review-Dream Island by Josie Litton

Book Review-Dream Island by Josie LittonDream Island by Josie Litton
Also in this series: Castles in the Mist, Kingdom Of Moonlight
Series: Akora #1
Published by Bantam on February 26th 2002
Genres: Historical Romance, Nautical, Regency Era
Pages: 355
Format: eBook
Source: Library
ISBN: 0553583891
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The legendary island nation of Akora has shunned outsiders for centuries, but fate is about to deliver a young Englishwoman into the arms of its prince and sweep them both into a daring love that knows no boundaries.... DREAM ISLAND Lady Joanna Hawkforte spent her childhood reading about the wondrous beauty of Akora. But now the country of her dreams has become a symbol of her worst nightmare. Nine months ago her brother embarked on a dangerous journey to find the mythic land and Joanna never heard from him again. Believing he is being held captive in Akora, she is compelled to devise a desperate plan to find him.... The son of an English lord and an Akoran princess, Lord Alex Darcourt has spent months in England on a secret mission. Now he has set sail back to the land of his youth and to an unknown fate in a nation fraught with unrest. But Alex s discovery of a secret stowaway has thrown his voyage into turmoil. A bold, honey-haired beauty, Joanna has no idea of the danger she s placed herself in. As Alex s ship enters its home port, he hopes he can protect her in a world where she is unwelcome. But his greatest challenge proves to be protecting Joanna from his own smoldering desire a forbidden passion that could put both their lives in jeopardy."

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Lady Joanna Hawkforte, has a family connection to the island of Akora and has always held a fascination with this place of mystery and beauty. But when her brother disappears in search of it and its been almost nine months since he left, she knows that something is dreadfully wrong. So she goes in search of the only man who can help her, Alex Darcourt. Alex is the son of a Akoran princess and a English lord. He is in England for a visit, but is planning on returning soon with intel and much need defense weapons for their home. Even though he is half English, he considers himself a true Akoran warrior. Joanna goes in search of seeking Alex’s aid to help her get to the island but he practically shrugs over her request. So Joanna, knowing that her brother is in trouble, stows away on Alex’s ship. She is soon discovered, but Alex aids her in helping her injury she obtained while trying to stow away and has little choice but to take her the rest of the way to Akora. While they are in search of Joanna’s brother, there is also some unrest on the tranquil island of Akora. Mystery and intrigue and enemies lurking in the corners that want to destroy everything Alex holds most dear.

The Hero 

Alex is a true warrior of the Akoran people. Ever since he was six, he has been training himself in honing his skills as a warrior and protecting his people and their culture. On Occasion, he has to deal with politics, since his brother is the leader of their people. Alex has always devoted himself to duty and honor. He is loyal and true to what he believes in. Alex is a hero that is delectable in many ways although he can be quite prideful and stubborn at times. I did admire how well he is committed to his passions in life. He does have a bit of alpha tendencies at times but boy are they a plus to his personality in many ways. He also has a bit of dry wit that is delectable.

The Heroine 

Joanna is a woman who is intelligent and uses her own wits to get things done. She is courageous and not afraid to defend herself if its needed. She has this spark of life that is contagious and I loved seeing her independent streak coming shining out at times. She is very driven especially when it comes to family. Joanna has a talent, one that is part of her family. She can sense images and emotions of those closest to her. She senses danger and pain from her brother and she knows that she must do everything she can to find him. I like how creative she gets in this book and it was interesting seeing her build a balance of her needs and the Akoran way of life.

Plot and Story Line 

Dream Island is the first book in the series, and ever since I discovered Castles In The Mist, I was intrigued by this series and I wanted more. So I couldn’t help but grab this one when it became available through my library. This is Alex’s story and man was it good to get back to this fun family and their delightful adventures. It starts out with quite an adventure. Our heroine, isn’t one to keep sitting around and Do nothing. She likes to take action. She since Alex refuses to take her, she decides to be a bit crafty and sneak her way aboard his ship. What I liked most was seeing these two banter and the flames of heat that build between them. We also get a little add in of some mystery and danger which I found didn’t over power the book but balanced out the story with the actual romance that develops. I wasn’t sure how well Joanna would fit in with the Akoran culture, but she actually fits in quite well. She can be pretty willful at times, but she also knows when to let things happen. She picks her battles to fight and I liked that she respected Alex at times and didn’t go over his head when it wasn’t needed. The story line had some predictable moments but in many areas—there was intrigue, adventure and a few twists that had me at the edge of my seat. I loved how this author has written these books, and they add a unique element to this regency era. We have some regency romance fun of course dealing with parties, balls and of course the infamous Prinny. But Litton takes a different turn with his character. Most of the time you see him as this indulgent and selfish prince. But Josie Litton has written his character very differently. He is still selfish at times, but we see the more intellectual side of him—the damaged part of him and I liked seeing a bit more depth and I don’t much about this character from the history books, however Litton has me intrigued to find out more for sure. We see some more depth of this Akoran culture this author has created, and I find myself even more intrigued than ever. I love the warrior culture, and even though the women are more shielded—they aren’t abused or anything and still have their own gifts and talents that are respected by all. It was quite fun to see a bit more Greek side of things in this book. I am eager to read the rest of the series and get more of this family and the fun characters we are introduced to.

The Cover 

I LOVE this cover—so mystical and beautiful. I love the fog over the island look and the colors here are just right!!

Overall View 

Dream Island is a intriguing romance that brings together a mix of spices to enlighten your reading taste buds!! Full of flavor and zest and not an author you want to miss out on reading. SUPERB!

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About The Author Updated

About Josie Litton

Josie Litton is the author of several NY Times and USA Today bestselling romances.

After taking time off to raise a family and get a master’s degree, she is delighted to be writing again. Inspired by the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, her new erotic romance, ANEW: Book One: Awakened was published on January 12, 2015. Book Two in the ANEW trilogy will be available on March 16, 2015. Book Three is coming in May.

Married and living in Connecticut, she is the parent of two grown children. Becoming an empty nester has left her plenty of time to write, think about writing, plan what to write next, and read. When she isn’t doing that, she’s cooking, gardening, and traveling.

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  1. This sounds so good! I adore a heroine who isn’t going to sit at home and let others solve her problems. And Alex sounds like the kind of hero who can handle Joanna. 😉 I’ll check out Dream Island!

  2. What in interesting setup! Sounds like the heroine and hero both have great qualities. And the different spin on Prinny is intriguing as well. I’ll be giving this book a try!

  3. Oooh banter! This sounds really good and I especially like the sound of Joanna. I can tell she’s a character I’m going to adore. The romance sounds delicious too. I’ll have to check out this author.
    Lovely review! 🙂

  4. I like the sound of the hero and the heroine, they both sound interesting. And from how you describe her gift it seems it even has a small touch of paranormal. Oh and I love it when the couple has some fun banter. I am glad to hear the danger and mystery adds something to the story without overpowering it. Great review!

  5. Wow this sounds unique — I really like the sound of this one and I’ve heard good things about this series. Great review!

  6. This sounds pretty amazing, Renee! And I hadn’t heard of it before, even if it’s part of your oldie but goodie challenge 🙂 I love a strong hero who thinks he has everything he needs, and the heroine sounds amazing! Using her intelligence and having courage is probably very much needed for her in the situation she ends up in.
    Great review 🙂
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

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