Book Review-Creole Fires by Kat Martin

Book Review-Creole Fires by Kat Martin

Book Review-Creole Fires by Kat MartinCreole Fires by Kat Martin
Series: Southern #1
Published by Dell on January 4th 1992
Genres: Historical Romance, South Era
Pages: 432
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0440208033
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

The Louisiana sun beat mercilessly on Nicole St. Claire just as fate, too, had been merciless. The once wealthy, flirtatious belle stood on the auction block to be sold as a servant. Her sensual figure disguised, her glorious titian hair disheveled, she looked like a waif, but she was all woman, trembling when she recognized the highest bidder—idol of her childhood dreams, the owner of plantation Belle Chene.
A man of blazing passion, Alex du Villier bought the girl out of pity, but her aqua eyes stirred his soul and her body ignited his blood. She would be the perfect mistress to make him forget his coming marriage to a cold, haughty heiress. Now he intended to teach this innocent beauty that although he had purchased her freedom, he could steal her heart.
An affair of burning desires. . . . Under a Creole moon their passion became a wildfire neither could control, driving them to heart-wrenching choices of silken sin . . . or freedom and love.

my-review-updatedOur two main characters meet when they are younger. Our heroine, is Nicole St.Claire. While visiting a friend, she is kidnapped but manages to escape and meets the man who saves her, Alex Du Villier. Years past, but the chemistry that was between Alex and Nicole has never died. But when the worst happens to Nicole, with her parents gone and the estate in ruins, she is sold on the market but Alex buys her so he can have a mistress. Alex doesn’t realize who Nicole really is yet, but he senses something more to her than meets the eye and he knows her from somewhere he just doesn’t know where from, only that he needs to know more about this beautiful yet mysterious woman. Nicole, at first is shocked that Alex doesn’t remember her. But Nicole isn’t happy with the Villier family, since they were friends with her father and turned them away when they were in need of help. But she doesn’t blame Alex, knowing that he has been gone in France for quite some time. Alex, has worked hard to repair the damage his brother did to their home while he was away. But financially they won’t make it, unless he marries a woman that is from a wealthy family. He has no choice even if his bride to be is selfish and cocky and treats his servants horribly. But soon Nicole and Alex fall in love but will Nicole find a way for Alex to keep out of financial ruin and marry her or will she have to watch the man she loves marry another….

What a story!!!! Now I will say that Kat Martin never ceases to amaze me in her storytelling. I was expecting this book to be your typical bodice ripper type romance but it was anything but. I have lately been in the mood for a southern romance and this was just right for the mood I was in. Now I will say that this book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, since it is older and has that old romance type feel to it but man I just couldn’t put this book down. The romance between these two was almost heartbreaking especially when you see how much they care for each other. The hero took a while to grow on me. He is pretty rough around the edges sometimes and toward the end there….yeah I wasn’t too pleases with certain actions he takes especially in the way he keeps things from Nicole when it wasn’t needed. Now Nicole I really liked, even though she could be a bit rash and too outspoken sometimes, she was spirited and fun and quite entertaining. And she was pretty easy to relate with. I loved her fighting spirit especially in the creative ways she goes about finding a way for her and Alex to be together. What was most interesting about this book is the evolvement in their relationship and seeing the growth these characters both go through before they reach their HEA. Overall Creole Fires was a DELIGHTFUL romance that left me with a smile on my face when I finished reading!!!



About Kat Martin

Kathleen Kelly was born on 14 July 1947 in the Central Valley of California, USA. She obtained a degree in Anthropology and also studied History at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She was a real estate broker, when she met her future husband, Larry Jay Martin. A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author! Then, after doing some editing for him, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing. She moved on to become a full time writer.

Published since 1988, she singed her books with her married name, Kat Martin, but she also used two pseudonyms: Kathy Lawrence for a book in collaboration with her husband Larry Jay Martin, and Kasey Mars for her first contemporary romances. The New York Times bestselling writer, among her many awards, has won the prestigious RT Book Review Magazine Career Achievement Award. To date, Kat has over eleven million copies of her books in print. She has been published in seventeen foreign countries, including England, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, China, and Korea.

Currently residing with her husband, a Western-writer and photographer, in Missoula, Montana, USA. But when they are not writing, they also enjoy skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe.

"I've always loved books. I was an avid reader, with any number of my own stories rolling around in my head. Writing them down seemed a logical step."

"I love anything old," Kat says. "I love to travel and especially like to visit the places where my books are set. My husband and I often stay in out-of-the-way inns and houses built in times past. It's fun and it gives a wonderful sense of a by-gone era.

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