Book Review-Christmas In Mustang Creek by Linda Lael Miller

Book Review-Christmas In Mustang Creek by Linda Lael Miller

Book Review-Christmas In Mustang Creek by Linda Lael MillerChristmas in Mustang Creek by Linda Lael Miller
Series: The Brides of Bliss County #4
Published by HQN Books on September 29th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Small Town
Pages: 267
Format: eBook
Source: Library
ISBN: 0373779089
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True love gets a second chance this Christmas in Mustang Creek
Growing up in Mustang Creek, Wyoming, Charlotte Morgan couldn't wait to escape to the big city. But with a job she doesn't love and a sense of loneliness she can't shake, life in New York is less fabulous than she'd like to admit—especially now that veterinarian Jaxon Locke has left town.
Jax's move to Idaho to fill in at his dad's practice ended things with Charlotte just as they were getting interesting. But he didn't expect to miss her so much. So when Charlotte returns home to help care for the great-aunt who raised her, Jax is determined to get to Wyoming and do whatever it takes to win her back…and he'll start by giving her the most magical Mustang Creek Christmas of all.


Charlotte Morgan may have grown up in a small town but her passion was for the big city lights. She became educated and wanted to build a career and in the city fell in love with a country boy. But when it was apparent that it was the wrong time for them to be together, she had to let him go even if it broke her heart to do it. But she knew they weren’t compatible like they needed to be. But then she lost her job and when her aunt ends up being put in a living center due to medical issues, Charlotte without a job needs a place to stay. So she ends up moving back to a small town and she bumps into the least likely man she thought she would see….Jaxon Locke. Jax has never stopped being in love with Charlotte, and has moved from home to be closer to her. With the holiday season closing in, and two old lady matchmakers, two dogs and a cat and a ski trip brings Charlotte and Jax back together in time for holidays

The Hero

Jaxon Locke, has always been a small town boy, and even though he went to the city and enjoyed his time there, his passion was wide open spaces and the cattle that he loves. But his heart ended up broken when the woman he loved wanted the city lights more than him. But Jax wasn’t willing to let her go so easy. What was so fun about Jax’s character was so endearing. I like how determined and driven he is. He is stubborn and doesn’t give up on anything or anyone that is truly important. I also liked that he didn’t care what other people thought. He is creative and has balls of steel when it comes to Charlotte. You have to admire the lengths he goes to, to win her over her affections.

The Heroine

Charlotte Morgan has always wanted to live in the city even though she grew up in a small town. She is very driven and determined and wants more out of her life. But when a prominent job ends up going bad, we learn that sometimes life plans changes things. She ends up having to go home for good. Now there were some things that I liked about Charlotte and some things that I didn’t quite like. What I did like about her character was how independent she is and she tends to take initiative and be proactive at times. But I did feel like she looks at certain situations with a blind eye, and doesn’t seem to communicate very well. But she does learn eventually and I did like seeing the character growth in her through the length of the story.

Plot and Story Line

I knew I had to pick this one up, especially when seeing this available through my library’s overdrive and it being a holiday romance I had to snatch it up. I have a weakness for Linda Lael Miller and especially with her Christmas books are quite endearing. So I was pretty excited to pick this one up and from the beginning I was drawn into it. The first aspect of the story that I noticed was the chemistry that builds between Charlotte and Jax. Of course, its a story of two lovers being reunited and finding a second chance at love. I did find it interesting to see how they interact with each other at first. Its like two people stumbling a bit, trying to figure out what they really want and how to compromise and what to make of the current situation. I had a ball of fun with the animals especially the two dogs. Then we have the fun matchmaking of Charlotte’s Aunt and her friend. Boy were they a riot…and the lengths they go to, to bring these two together are pretty outrageous at times. The romance was quirky, fun and sweet. There are some conflicts of the past that come into play but they work through them pretty well. The only complaint I really have is that this story didn’t feel as deep, a bit more lighthearted than I wanted from this one. One of my favorite things about this story was the small town setting with the cute Christmas traditions.

The Cover

What a sweet and romantic cover!!! I love the almost “poppin” kiss like pose here in the snow!!! a lovely romantic wintery scene.

Overall View

Christmas in Mustang Creek is a Christmas ball of romance and fun…..bound to leave the reader wanting a cup of hot cocoa, with a cozy blanket and some holiday tunes to jig to.

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About Linda Lael Miller

As the daughter of a town marshal, Linda has come home to the western lifestyle that gave birth to one of today’s most successful authors. She left Washington years ago and pursued her wanderlust, living in Arizona and London and traveling the world. Now the author of more than 100 novels, the “First Lady of the West” is glad to be back home, writing contemporary and historical stories that have earned her awards and placements on all the national bestsellers lists.

Linda traces the birth of her writing career to the day when a Northport teacher told her that the stories she was writing were good, that she just might have a future in writing. Later, when she decided to write novels, she endured her share of rejection before she sold FLETCHER’S WOMAN in 1983 to Pocket Books. Since then, Linda has successfully published historicals, contemporaries, paranormals, and thrillers before coming home, in a literal sense, and concentrating on novels with a Western flavor. For her devotion to her craft, the Romance Writers of America awarded her their prestigious Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

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  1. Nice review! I’ve read a couple books in the series but haven’t picked this one up yet. Sounds like a lot of holiday fun!

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