Book Review-Blood Assasin by Alexandra Ivy

Book Review-Blood Assasin by Alexandra IvyBlood Assassin by Alexandra Ivy
Series: The Sentinels #2
Published by Zebra on December 30th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Magical Elements
Pages: 405
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
ISBN: 1420125168
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

They are the outcasts of humanity. Blessed with power. Cursed by fate. Driven by passion. The Sentinels have returned. . .
Out Of The Shadows
At six-foot-three and two-hundred-fifty pounds, Fane is a natural born guardian. A flawless mix of muscled perfection and steely precision, he has devoted years of his life to protecting a beautiful necromancer. But after she found love in the arms of another, Fane has been a warrior adrift. He swears allegiance only to the Sentinels. And no woman will ever rule his heart again. . .
Into The Fire
Not only a powerful psychic, Serra is that rare telepath who can connect to minds through objects. When the daughter of a high-blood businessman is kidnapped, Serra agrees to help. But when she stumbles onto a conspiracy involving secrets sects and ancient relics, her life is in mortal danger--and Fane is her only hope. Is the warrior willing to risk his body, his soul, and his heart, for Serra? Or will one last betrayal destroy them both?

Fane is a guardian, and one of the strongest and most capable. He has dedicated many years of his life to protecting and being part of the Sentinel’s, and recently has lost a woman he has spent many years protecting when she found love. Now he feels a loss, for the bond between a guardian and the one he protects is powerful, but there is one woman he has always wanted…but he knows he can never have, he knows he is not good enough for her, and plans on returning to the training center…but Serra has different plans. Serra has always loved Fane, and is willing to fight for a chance for them to be together. But she never imagined that what would bring them together, could destroy her. Serra is a powerful telepath, but when she is made to find a lost young girl who has been kidnapped, or die, she knows that she has little choice, and Fane despite his reservation will move heaven and earth to protect her. As Fane and Sherra race against time to find the kidnapped girl, a love erupts between them, and soon they realize they have to fight for that love which hard to hold onto…but will Sherra and Fane lose everything or will they succeed and find a future together…

I will say that Alexandra Ivy has surprised me with this one. I have had the opportunity to read one of her historical paranormal romances..and just loved it, but have never returned to reading her until…now. Even though this is the second book in the series, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be too lost…and I wasn’t. Although I would have loved to have the opportunity to read the first book before reading this one, just to have more background information on Fane and Sherra. There are a lot of issues that Fane is dealing with that I think would be revealed in the first book. But the author does a great job in summarizing Fane and past struggles and the loss of his relationship with the woman he was protecting. Now just so there is no confusion, there was no physical intimacy between them…but what I sensed was more of a strong emotional connection and he protected her for a long time. You see how he struggles with that, and he was such a vibrant yet stubborn hero. I truly adored this hero, but tend to let his pride get in the way of happiness and Sherra. Sherra was just awesome…spirited and feisty, has her own abilities and powers, and she definitely knows how to stand up to Fane. These two had wonderful chemistry, and wowzers…can they heat a room up like fire….you might want a fire extinguisher with you when you read it. And you will want a chance to try this one out…an amazing story that won me over. I read this one in one sitting, there was so much detail and the writing was very stimulating and keeps you from straying from the book. Ivy has a certain unique voice that just captures your attention immediately and it’s near impossible to let go.

As for my overall opinion of this one…well you can never go wrong with the sentinel’s. Sexy warriors who have delectable personalities, sassy heroine to make you want to know more, a plot that is thrilling and one step ahead of the reader, and some fierce desire that develops into a powerful and sexy love story….will thrill you to the core!! Get ready for some shocks, adventures, and some good/bade guys, a bit of a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more, and a wonderful ending that will leave you sighing in full satisfaction. Not one to miss out on.

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