Book Review-Beyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine Heath

Book Review-Beyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine Heath

I received this book for free from Avon in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Beyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine HeathBeyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine Heath
Also in this series: When a Duke Loves a Woman, The Scoundrel in Her Bed , The Duchess in His Bed , The Earl Takes a Fancy, Beauty Tempts the Beast
Series: Sins For All Seasons #1
Published by Avon on January 30th 2018
Genres: Historical Romance, Victorian Era
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Avon
ISBN: 0062676016
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At birth, Mick Trewlove, the illegitimate son of a duke, was handed over to a commoner. Despite his lowly upbringing, Mick has become a successful businessman, but all his wealth hasn’t satisfied his need for revenge against the man who still won’t acknowledge him. What else can Mick do but destroy the duke’s legitimate son—and woo the heir’s betrothed into his own unloving arms . . .

Orphaned and sheltered, Lady Aslyn Hastings longs for a bit of adventure. With her intended often preoccupied, Aslyn finds herself drawn to a darkly handsome entrepreneur who seems to understand her so well. Surely a lady of her station should avoid Mick Trewlove. If only he weren’t so irresistible . . .

As secrets are about to be exposed, Mick must decide if his plan for vengeance is worth risking what his heart truly desires.

Lorraine Heath introduces us to a sensual love affair that takes us back in time to the spicy Victorian Era in London, England. A time of growth in the sciences, politics, and human rights. These two people come together and learn to fight with having all of society against them being together…

HOLY SMOKES!!! This book just blew me away here, and I just didn’t want to put it away. I have had such admiration for Lorraine Heath, and over the years she has become one of my favorites here. She has such a solid talent in writing historical romances, and I got a kick out of her delving into the Victorian Era. This story introduces the reader to an aspect of Victorian culture that very few know about…baby farmers. This is actually a very heartwrenching aspect of society and one of the “skeletons” on England and I was really happy that Lorraine Heath did such great research here and implemented this aspect into the story.

Our wonderful key players in the story are:

  • Mick Trewlove, is a commoner, he was deposited and abandoned by his real parents to be thrown away to a baby farm, but his adopted mother took him in and raised him along with his siblings. Mick has created his own wealth and power but is out for revenge so his father will finally admit that Mick is his son.
  • Aslyn Hastings, is part of the Ton, her parents died and she was brought in and became the war of the Duke and Duchess of Hedley. Even though she has always has done what was expected of her, she dreams of adventure and passion.

Beyond Scandal and Desire is such a sensational romance and I totally got a kick out of this book and I honestly didn’t want it to end. This story made me realize why I fell in love with Lorraine Heath in the first place and this book was pretty epic in its own way.

This story begins when our hero Mick, is out on his journey for revenge and to be claimed by his real father. So his plan is to make his “brother” lose everything including his almost betrothed. Aslyn has always known that her future is to marry the Duke’s son, even though she doesn’t love him the way that a woman should love the man she is supposed to marry. When she meets Mick in the gardens, she is intrigued because he stirs desire, passion that she has never felt before.

She could practically see it coming from him in waves that had the power to encompass everything around him–including herself. She wanted to experience that power, be drawn into it, captured by it, seduced within it.

Through a set of events, Mick and Aslyn run into each other and the chemistry between them in obvious even though Aslyn knows she is supposed to marry another man, she honestly doesn’t feel like she can. Especially when her betrothed starts to change when his desperation for gambling takes a twist. The man that she really wants is Mick, a man that the Duke and his wife DONT approve of. But Mick is the man that she is beginning to love and wants to fight for them. But she will find out that Mick has a mission, one that could bring downfall to the family that she loves dearly.

Mick couldn’t help but wonder if sometimes heartache was needed in order to move forward.

I was really intrigued by the turn of events that bring this couple together. There were such sensuality and endearing romantic qualities that pulled me into this story so completely. I just loved every moment that Mick and Aslyn have together. From the sexy flirting to Mick showing Aslyn another side to him, to a journey of forgiveness and redemption. I really was cheering for these two from the beginning. There was such class to their relationship. I really adored the way that they court and fall in love. There were so many tender moments that made me “sigh” in that sweet romantic way that gives you all the warm fuzzies. This is the epitome of ROMANCE and as I was reading this delightful story, I was reminded of this author, the reason I love romance in fiction and why it does so much for me. This book just made me happy, grinning all the way, and I immersed myself completely in this beautiful story.

I don’t care. When I am with you, I feel as though, for the first time in my life, I am real, I am seen. It’s difficult to explain, but I want to experience everything with you that a woman can experience.

I really fell in love with the siblings though, and seeing their eccentricities and their bond as a family even if it’s not by blood. I love how protective Mick is of them and even though they frustrate him at times, he is all about giving them what they dream and desire. Especially to his sisters, he would do anything for even if it means buying a parasol or helping a sister set up a bar. And I felt that Lorraine Heath did a tremendous job in showing the tragic elements of Baby Farming. It definitely broke my heart seeing it in this story and how society viewed children born “on the other side of the blanket” as it were.

Overall Beyond Scandal and Desire is a stunning beginning to a new series, a story of true heart, hidden secrets and a true love affair that sings to your heart!!! INCREDIBLY HEARTFELT!

If I touch you, Aslyn, I’m not going to stop touching you until I’ve touched every aspect of you

About Lorraine Heath

Also writes Young Adult under Rachel Hawthorne, Jade Parker, and with her son as J.A. London)

Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories. No doubt because growing up, watching movies with her mom, she was taught that the best movies "won't half make you cry."

She is the daughter of a British beauty (her mom won second place in a beauty contest sponsored by Max Factor® during which she received a kiss from Caesar Romero--Joker on the original Batman TV series) and a Texan who was stationed at Bovingdon while serving in the air force. Lorraine was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, but soon after moved to Texas. Her "dual" nationality has given her a love for all things British and Texan, and she enjoys weaving both heritages through her stories.

When she received her BA degree in psychology from the University of Texas, she had no idea she had gained a foundation that would help her to create believable characters—characters that are often described as “real people.” Her novels have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today, Waldenbooks, and most recently, the New York Times.

18 thoughts on “Book Review-Beyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine Heath

  1. I have reservations about the revenge plot, but it is overpowered by the other elements of this story that you describe. The baby farming is appalling. I read in a few Jane Austen bios that it was the thing in Regency times for some gentleman households to send babies and young children off to live with their wet nurse/nurse caregiver’s family until they are past early childhood and then they come home. Basically, someone else raises the kids until they are five or six and then they come home only for the boys to go off to school somewhere else shortly after that. And if a child had disabilities or severe health impairments they might never be brought back into the household. It was an eyeopener.

    1. Actually Sophia if I were to recommend any HR for you to read for the year….this one would be it!! The revenge plot was really understandable especially considering the type of baby farms that this author implements. Many cases of people taking the kids or babies in for money, and then murdering them. I think one case I researched had one lady who had 1,000 grave sites for infants….so tragic. Definitely eye opening and loved seeing Heath do her research without making the book too dark. But it makes you understand the hero and his motives way more.

      1. Yikes! For once, it looks like the revenge is well-suited. My reservations have come from reading so many books where the revenge either doesn’t equal the original crime or it only makes the hero/heroine doing it look petty and cruel. This sounds like a different and deeper-seated situation and more authentic.

  2. Oh my god, I so can’t wait to start this! My book bestie was new to Lorraine Heath and read this one as her first book. She completely fell in love with LH’s writing. So excited that you loved it too, sweetness (I didn’t read your review since it’s up for me too, soon – I’m going by your rating.)

    1. oh YAY!! I just know that you will love it. I can’t wait for your review. I am glad that she enjoyed Heath so much. I have been reading her since I got hooked on romance, in fact she is one of the authors that made me get hooked on romance in the first place. So I just adore her and I know that you will too!!

      1. I read my first LH book years ago and have been hooked on her writing ever since. She is, in my opinion one of the most underrated HR authors. Her writing is up to par with Lisa Kleypas. She always pulls my heartstrings. Always.

  3. I’m such a sucker for the revenge-turns-into-real-feelings trope… I really enjoy the conflicted hero and his emotional issues, it just brings the exact amount of angst and I adore it.
    I wasn’t aware of the baby farming concept, at least not in that way, but this spurred me to go dig a bit deeper and it sure is a horrible practice, one I’m glad has been abolished. It’s awesome that the author went there and did her research, seeing as it seems to shape a person’s personality so much and will definitely interfere with their views of the world and consequent actions towards others.
    Brilliant review 🙂

  4. Forbidden romances in historicals are the best! And I really enjoy it when there is revenge on a father who turned his back on his progeny. Beyond Scandal and Desire sounds so good, Renée, and I haven’t read any historical romances in a long, long time. I think I need to add this to my TBR. Great review!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  5. This sounds soo good! (And I love the blue dress on the cover). Just put a hold on it at the library…. #45 on the wait list. Guess it’s going to be a while 🙂

  6. Lovely review! I have this on my TBR and can’t wait to start it after reading your thoughts. 🙂 Sounds like a swoony good time but with some humbling glimpses of the “baby farming” that took place at the time. I’ve read a couple other books that briefly mention it and sadly, it broke my heart.

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