Book Review-Beauty Tempts The Beast by Lorraine Heath

Book Review-Beauty Tempts The Beast by Lorraine Heath

I received this book for free from Avon in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Beauty Tempts The Beast by Lorraine HeathBeauty Tempts the Beast by Lorraine Heath
Also in this series: Beyond Scandal and Desire, When a Duke Loves a Woman, The Scoundrel in Her Bed , The Duchess in His Bed , The Earl Takes a Fancy
Series: Sins For All Seasons #6
Published by Avon on September 29, 2020
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Avon
ISBN: 0062951939
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She wants lessons in seduction
Althea Stanwick was a perfect lady destined to marry a wealthy lord, until betrayal left her family penniless. Though she’s lost friends, fortune, and respectability, Althea has gained a scandalous plan. If she can learn to seduce, she can obtain power over men and return to Society on her terms. She even has the perfect teacher in mind, a man whose sense of honor and dark good looks belie his nickname: Beast.
But desire like this can’t be taught
Benedict Trewlove may not know his parentage but he knows where he belongs—on the dark side of London, offering protection wherever it’s needed. Yet no woman has ever made such an outrageous request as this mysterious beauty. Althea is out of place amongst vice and sin, even if she offers a wicked temptation he can’t resist. But as the truth of his origin emerges at last, it will take a fierce, wild love to overcome their pasts.

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Beauty Tempts The Beast is the final installment in the “Sins For All Seasons” series and I can’t believe this series is over. Although I definitely can see hints for a spin off series if the author chooses to do so, which, I am very curious to see if she does or will she leave us hanging. I guess we will find out what happens. And even though this series I have struggled with I really have appreciated where Lorraine Heath has taken this in the theme of “Baby Farmers” definitely a topic that is so rarely addressed in historical’s. And I will say that I was really looking forward to Beast’s story, he has always been one of my favorites of the siblings, but, the heroine really ruined this book for me.

He understood the power of touch, of feeling a connection, of knowing someone was there for him, would always be there for him

Althea Stanwick was once a member of the Aristocracy, but then, her father was found to be a traitor to the crown and conspired against their country and her mother died from the shock and she and her brothers lost everything. She is a barmaid at a pub “The Mermaid” where she meets Beast. There is a connection from the beginning. But after some thinking Althea decides to take control of her life and wants to learn to seduce men and have that power over them and she wants Beast to train her. But Beast offers her an additional proposition…..if she teaches the women at a brothel he owns to be proper and more respectable so they can stop making money by selling their bodies he will give her seduction lessons. But before long those lessons turns into something more than just an agreement between Beast and Althea….it turns into love when they least expect it.

It had been only a kiss in the same manner a feast was merely one dish or a storm a single raindrop or a blizzard a solitary snowflake.

Beauty Tempts The Beast was a likable story in many ways but to be honest the heroine really turned this off for me in the beginning. At first I was really drawn into this story but having just read a book with a similar plot where the heroine wants to seduce and control men ….not really my cup of tea or at least not the way it was written to be honest. I can definitely understand why Althea wants to take control over her own life especially with how she and her brothers were so horribly treated, but the way she goes about this plan just rubbed me the wrong way.

However, the HERO ….*sigh* such a dream boat. I love the various levels to his character that we see in this book and I just fell for him instantly. At first we just see him as this broody hero who is protective of Althea and really any woman to be honest. He has money and connections and uses his wealth to help others. And he is an author. Just a man of many talents and so strong in his character and loyalty to his family and those he loves the most. I love how he is always fighting for Althea even when she spurns his love. He is so devoted to her in many ways and never stops fighting.

I wish that I could have enjoyed this book a bit more, I really had high hopes for it but I think just reading two books in a row with similar plots and unlikable heroines just turned me off from this book. But I am not sure I was ever fully endeared to this heroine, especially since she doesn’t really redeem herself in the end, the ending actually made me like her even less. But I am hoping that the next book from this author I will enjoy way more and curious to see what she has planned for us in the future.

About Lorraine Heath

Also writes Young Adult under Rachel Hawthorne, Jade Parker, and with her son as J.A. London)

Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories. No doubt because growing up, watching movies with her mom, she was taught that the best movies "won't half make you cry."

She is the daughter of a British beauty (her mom won second place in a beauty contest sponsored by Max Factor® during which she received a kiss from Caesar Romero--Joker on the original Batman TV series) and a Texan who was stationed at Bovingdon while serving in the air force. Lorraine was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, but soon after moved to Texas. Her "dual" nationality has given her a love for all things British and Texan, and she enjoys weaving both heritages through her stories.

When she received her BA degree in psychology from the University of Texas, she had no idea she had gained a foundation that would help her to create believable characters—characters that are often described as “real people.” Her novels have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today, Waldenbooks, and most recently, the New York Times.

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