Book Review-Barbarian Beloved by Ruby Dixon

Book Review-Barbarian Beloved by Ruby Dixon

Book Review-Barbarian Beloved by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Beloved by Ruby Dixon
Also in this series: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien, Barbarian Lover, Barbarian Mine, Barbarian's Prize, Barbarian's Mate, Barbarian's Touch, Barbarian's Taming
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #17
Published by Self Published By Author on February 7, 2018
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Narrator: Hollie Jackson, Mason Lloyd
Length: 5 Hours and 35 Mins
Pages: 227
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
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My tribesmates don’t understand her. The other humans think she’s weak. But no one knows my mate like I do. They don’t see her gentle heart or her brave spirit. I know why she struggles. I know how strong she is. And I know I’ll do anything to make her smile.
But can I convince her that she can be happy in this strange new world with me?
This story explores the long-awaited romance of Ariana and Zolaya. Even though it is a ‘flashback’ to the beginning of the Ice Planet Barbarians series, it can be read out of order.

Barbarian’s Beloved is the seventeenth installment in the Ice Planet Barbarian series and I had such a blast with this book. Now it’s definitely not my favorite of the series, and the beginning of the book is similar to Barbarian Lady I felt like. So it almost felt the same story to me, and I wasn’t really expecting that. I did realize this weekend I have been reading these books out of order. So I am going to backtrack and see which ones I have been reading out of order since I have tried to read these books in order. But I also think reading too many of these will make it feel like the plots run together, but at the same time, I am trying to get through all of this author’s backlist, so there are pros and cons to reading this author I feel like. You definitely need to know what you are getting yourself into when reading these books.

Barbarian’s Beloved is a set up of where we see the present day (to where the series is currently set) and our two main characters: Ariana and Zolaya, Now when our story first begins, they are happily mated (they were one of the first couples to mate from the first books if you remember those) they have one son and Ariana is currently pregnant with her daughter. She is having anxiety because her mate has been on a hunting trip for a long time and she misses him so much and so she has a flashback to when they first met and their courtship. Their mating was different from some of the other couples here. Ariana suffers from anxiety, and so she cries and panics a lot because everything is so overwhelming and she knows many in the tribe disapprove of her and she doesn’t know how to deal with what she is facing and to top it all off apparently she has a mate and doesn’t want to be a disappointment for him.

I found this romance to be heartwarming and sweet with enough spice to really balance out the book. I really adored seeing this couple get their own story and seeing the bond with her son (and boy is he adorable and he has these psychic visions which are cool). The romance is a slow burn and sweet, the hero is really great about taking his time with Ariana, and just doing what she feels comfortable with. It definitely hit the spot for me into what I was in the mood for and I found so many of the elements that bring this book together so tangible. Overall I had a blast with this one and am excited to dig more into this series.

About Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.

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