Book Review-American Queen by Sierra Simone

Book Review-American Queen by Sierra Simone

Book Review-American Queen by Sierra SimoneAmerican Queen by Sierra Simone
Also in this series: American Prince, American King
Series: New Camelot Trilogy #1
Published by Self Published By Author on October 25, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, BDSM
Pages: 392
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 153344367X
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It starts with a stolen kiss under an English sky, and it ends with a walk down the aisle. It starts with the President sending his best friend to woo me on his behalf, and it ends with my heart split in two. It starts with buried secrets and dangerous desires…and ends with the three of us bound together with a hateful love sharper than any barbed wire.

My name is Greer Galloway, and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.

This is the story of an American Queen.

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*May Contain Spoilers*

So American Queen is the first book in the Camelot Trilogy by Sierra Simone. Now for quite a while, I have seen so many book reviewers and bloggers RAVE about this trilogy and to be honest its the “menage” aspect of the story that kinda put me off. Now that I have a problem with reading menage, but I have only read a couple of good ones out there, and the rest I have tried weren’t the greatest. So I was a bit nervous about this trilogy but now after finishing book one, which I couldn’t put down, but dang this book was SO good. One of the best books of the year. Now I do want to put out first that there is some kink in this book (mostly though evidence of d/s and some spanking, its not super intense like other BDSM relationships) Those familiar with Sierra Simone’s writing style and enjoy it will get a kick out of this. I, personally, am not a full judge of her writing since this is only my second book from her, however, I am in LOVE with her writing style and in my opinion, this is her BEST book she has written. I have never read a menage that had such a well-balanced feel to it and this is only book one (in books two and three we get it from the other two players in the story in their own POV—super stoked for that) Now I do want to mention that this book is HOT….one of the steamiest love stories I have EVER read, so make sure when reading this grab your partner because yeah you will need him or her!! 🙂

American Queen is a 1st POV in our heroine’s perspective, Greer Galloway. Greer, ever since she was little growing up with her grandfather who was the Vice President of the United States. She grew up going to all sorts of functions and being surrounded by senators, supreme court judges and some of the most powerful leaders in the world. She was her grandfather’s spy, learning the facial expressions and the body movements and the talking that most people did in secret but never paid attention to Greer as she was “too young to understand” but Greer has always learned to be intelligent since she was young. When she was sixteen years old, she meets her “king” a man who gives her, the first kiss and a man she sees inside the depths of him, which sealed her fate. But then her “king” disappeared, fighting in war and becoming a war hero and eventually marrying another woman and becoming President of the United States. But there was another man she gave another first to, Embry, a beautiful sensual night of pain and pleasure and where she gave another aspect of her heart to and one where it became broken when he also disappeared out of her lie until the present. Embry is now the Vice President and best friend to Maxen Ashley Colchester, also known as Ash.

“I know you’ve stayed away from this world for a reason. I know it might be asking a lot of you.”

He looks up from where he’s touching me to meet my eyes.

“But I don’t just want you at my feet. I want you by my side.”

He comes to Greer in convincing her to meet with Ash. At first, Greer doesn’t seek that. She is content with her life as a teacher and writing her book. But there is a part of her that desires more and so she meets with Ash and before she realizes it she is becoming his wife and loving two men and both of those men loving each other and loving her desperately….but how does this fairy tale find its happily ever after??

We know what happens when two people fall in love. It’s happened between each of us. We have to find out what happens when three people fall in love. All together, all at once.

I truly adored everything about this book, and even though I am NOT a fan of flashbacks (anyone who knows my reading tastes will know this about me) but seriously I didn’t struggle with them at all. In fact, I grew to crave these flashbacks and seeing the depths of the relationships that come into play into this story, this adored fairy tale that deserves its own happy ending. Most know of the tale surrounding Camelot and the menage love story that didn’t get a happy ever after, but in this trilogy we see our triple love story find its way there although it’s slow and doesn’t happen instantly. The author here wanted to give Camelot’s love story their own happy ending and I am so thrilled that Sierra Simone took her creative pen and wrote this epic love tale and one of the best love stories that I have ever read. (which those who follow me know exactly how many books I have read and its a lot)

If you can’t accept that, then say my name right now and we will step back and renogotiate our relationship. But if you are willing to submit to the fact that I will move fucking heaven and earth to keep you from harm, then say yes Sir

This love story between Ash, Greer and Embry is so beautifully penned and I was hooked from the very beginning: from that moment when Greer first meets Merlin, to when she has her moment with the glass with Ash, to the sensual night with Embry to when they are all back together. In this book its not revealed when Ash learns the truth about Embry and Greer being together and loving each other. But we do know that he knows about it by the time that Ash goes back for Greer. And another side note, Ash and Embry have their own love story, but Embry has caused his own hurt and pushed away Ash in his ways and his own pain that I am sure we learn in “American Prince”. We see the pain between all three parties here” Ash, Greer, Embry have a painful road ahead of them. Trying to find a way to be together while keeping it a secret from the whole world. I was so involved with their love story, and the EMOTION was so well written and really stuns the reader and I tell you I was expecting a steamy romance but I wasn’t expecting all the FEELS that I become addicted to in this story and I can’t wait to see what is in store for all three of them and seeing them find their way to their happy ever after!!

The one thing I want most in the world—to marry Ash—and the one thing I want least in the world—to be seperated from Embry

Overall American Queen is an all consuming majestic love story that transcends time and space, a fairy tale of sacrifice, pain, loss and what is at the heart of them all….A TRUE LOVE MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD

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About Sierra Simone

Sierra is a voracious reader of all things including the smuttiest smut, young adult, piles of non-fiction for research, and everything Bill Bryson (especially on audio).

She loves writing the dirtiest things that she can think of, King Arthur, sparkling water, Tarot, coffee, leggings, and learning new words daily.

Her previous jobs have included firing ceramics, teaching living history lessons in one-room school house in full, 1908-approved school marm attire, and working as a librarian for several years—not in that order

She lives in the Kansas City area with her hot cop husband, two children, and two giant dogs. (And two cats, but they're so naughty we don't talk about them.)

The social media she cares about the most are Spotify and Instagram. Following her in those places is a true love language, indeed.

Sierra is represented by Rebecca Friedman of RF Literary; foreign rights are handled by Bookcase Literary.


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