Book Review-American King by Sierra Simone

Book Review-American King by Sierra Simone

Book Review-American King by Sierra SimoneAmerican King by Sierra Simone
Also in this series: American Queen , American Prince
Series: New Camelot Trilogy #3
Published by Self Published By Author on October 31, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, BDSM, M/M Romance
Pages: 485
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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They say that every tragic hero has a fatal flaw, a secret sin, a tiny stitch sewn into his future since birth. And here I am. My sins are no longer secret. My flaws have never been more fatal. And I’ve never been closer to tragedy than I am now.

I am a man who loves, a man whose love demands much in return. I am a king, a king who was foolish enough to build a kingdom on the bones of the past. I am a husband and a lover and a soldier and a father and a president.And I will survive this.

Long live the king.

American King is the third and final book in this spectacular trilogy( although there is a novella that is Merlin’s book that I am very curious about and would love to read next.  But this trilogy had tore me upside down and sideways and yet gives back tenfold with such satisfying feels that I couldn’t get enough of this three way pairing. If you are curious to try out a ménage love affair than this book is definitely for you. I wish that this had been my first try out in ménage —because my first book in ménage was not a good experience or maybe ten years ago I just wasn’t as open for it as I am not. My reading tastes have definitely developed over the years however this trilogy is so epic and worth every moment.

I wouldn’t be complete without her, and neither would Embry. She was made to be my wife, and we were made to be a three.

It is a bit sad to see this trilogy have its conclusion but what a CONCLUSION. Now I am on the fence with how I feel about the ending, I can see why Sierra Simone developed the ending the way that she did, but at the same time it wasn’t what I was really hoping for and one of my least favorite endings to be honest. I don’t hate it or anything I just was hoping for it to be different than how it actually happened. There is a HEA though so for curious readers, all three do find their happy ending it just didn’t end the way I would have liked more. But that is Sierra Simone, she is a bit unconventional especially in her endings.

what happens between the three of us is unspoken, navigated spontaneously and in the moment, but there are always certain roles we magnetize to. Greer, the compliant. Ash, the master. Me, the mood-ring of a lover, shifting and changing depending on the day, the hour, the minute.three of us are thoughtless, reflexive beasts, joined so elementally that there’s no separating us. We are one, we are one, and my body burns and sings with the truth.

I am really making an effort to not spoil this book more than I absolutely have to, but there was something so emotionally raw about this conclusion. There is still quite a bit of sex (okay hot and great sex scenes here) but we see certain aspects of the plot play out in a certain way. There are some revelations that unravels and secrets about Merlin that we discover. And there is more development with Carpathia as well and the danger it’s poses against all three of them. I really enjoyed to see the climax of the story really build up the way that it does.

My love for the two of you exist inside your love for each other – when you love each other, you are loving me

I was so addicted with the relationships that we see between these three. From Ash to Greer, Greer To Ash, Embry To Ash, Embry to Greer. In this book especially we see that even though are some conflicts happening due to certain plot points, we see that their love for each other is stronger than ever. And that is the one thing that isn’t ever in doubt. What was also a fun aspect was seeing Ash’s viewpoint FINALLY!! We see a bit of his childhood, meeting Merlin, his bond with both Greer and Embry and his strong sense of honor and responsibility. We see what a truly great President and leader he truly is, We see how even the love between them is strong, there is still hurt and emotional struggle that we see them all overcome and I love their courage through the challenges they all face. This story is a story of sacrifice, loyalty. sensuality and the lengths one goes to in order to protect those one loves, its a final conclusion to a breathtaking love tale that is stunning in its portrayal, and my hat goes off to Sienna Simone that penned such a in depth story that is hot enough to steam the windows and tugs at the heartstrings in a fundamental way. TRULY A ROMANTIC TREASURE!

There’s only what should have been from the beginning, which is this love the three of us have found like a city in the desert, strange and holy. Empty and waiting for us



About Sierra Simone

Sierra is a voracious reader of all things including the smuttiest smut, young adult, piles of non-fiction for research, and everything Bill Bryson (especially on audio).

She loves writing the dirtiest things that she can think of, King Arthur, sparkling water, Tarot, coffee, leggings, and learning new words daily.

Her previous jobs have included firing ceramics, teaching living history lessons in one-room school house in full, 1908-approved school marm attire, and working as a librarian for several years—not in that order

She lives in the Kansas City area with her hot cop husband, two children, and two giant dogs. (And two cats, but they're so naughty we don't talk about them.)

The social media she cares about the most are Spotify and Instagram. Following her in those places is a true love language, indeed.

Sierra is represented by Rebecca Friedman of RF Literary; foreign rights are handled by Bookcase Literary.

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