Book Review- A Most Dangerous Profession

Book Review- A Most Dangerous ProfessionA Most Dangerous Profession by Karen Hawkins
Also in this series: One Night in Scotland
Series: Hurst Amulet #3
Published by Pocket Books on October 18th 2011
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 349
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 1439175942
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Mysterious, elusive, unforgettable. The Hurst Amulet continues to lure lovers into peril as New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins spins her newest scintillating tale of danger and desire.
For beautiful, seductive Moira MacAllister, the stakes have become terrifyingly high. Her daughter has been abducted and a priceless ancient relic is the ransom. Moira must acquire it at any cost, even if it means confronting the man she once duped and left, a man who still doesn’t know she has a child . . . and that he is the father.
Robert Hurst, an operative in the king’s service, has never forgiven the mysterious spy who seduced him into marriage and then disappeared without a trace. Now, as he pursues the onyx box that will save his brother’s life, their paths cross again. But Robert isn’t sure which he longs for more—to satisfy his lust for revenge or to quench his relentless hunger for this bewitching woman.
When Moira reveals to Robert her long-kept secret, however, he realizes his burning desires must wait as a treacherous foe closes in, threatening all they hold dear . . . and their second chance at love.

Moira MacAllister, knows that she has no choice but do what she is told because she is being blackmailed with the only thing that truly matters to her…her daughter is being held captive by the ransomer, and the father of her daughter who has no idea he is a father is the one who keeps chasing her and trying to keep her from the goal. However when she keeps bumping into Robert, she knows that she will eventually have to tell him the truth….and when the truth comes out Moira wonders that when he does know the truth if he will then take her daughter from her when she has been fighting for everything she has to get her daughter back into her arms…but the passion that she and Robert share is unquenchable, and when danger closes in only when they embrace the love they share for each other will they be able to conquer the perils they face.

The Hero (Robert Hurst)
 Robert. although an operative for the King, and has a deep loyalty to his country, can’t deny his love for the one woman who has betrayed him the most. When he runs into her after years of not seeing her, he is shocked and wants to finds out what she is really up to but he never expected the wild goosechase she would lead him on…one that would lead to a chance at love again.

The Heroine (Moira MacAllister)
Moira, although she is beautiful and grew up with gypsies who taught her everything that she knows…is at a loss on how or when she will get her daughter back, a daughter that she would sacrifice everything that she has for her safe return. But when Robert is back into her life and everything seems to be going downhill she starts to realize that the love she once had for Robert is brighter and stronger than ever as they work together to get their daughter back.

My Thoughts 
A Most Dangerous Profession is the third installment in this exciting series by Karen Hawkins. I have to say this would have to be one of my top favorite series done by this author. There was such intrigue, passion, danger and excitement and fully packed with enough love story to last one quite some time.  The one aspect that I truly enjoyed was the ‘secret baby’ theme, I just love reading those theme like romances, especially it exceeds your expectations….Moira has just cracked me up through the whole book, and Robert was pretty swell….and the little daughter was as cute as can be….I found myself totally engrossed in the story and the details painted so vividly that one couldn’t help but fall in love. A Treasure to be savored and enjoyed.

About Karen Hawkins

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Hawkins is known for her wonderfully humorous and emotion-tugging historical and contemporary romances. The author of over 30 novels, Karen writes for a living between shopping for shoes, playing around on Facebook and Pinterest, looking for fun items for Hawkins Manor, and napping, although usually not at the same time. Sometimes, for fun, she takes Instagram pictures of her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Teke, and posts them online.

Yeah, she's a wild one.

Karen lives in balmy Orlando, Florida, with her husband, aka Hot Cop, and her two dogs. Her children are both out of college and have become productive, non-violent members of society. Karen writes six to eight hours a day when not obsessively reading research books on Regency-era Scotland, snacking on chocolate, or looking out the windows of her house and thinking about gardening. Her hobbies include sculpting, oil painting, playing badminton, and -- ok, ok, she doesn't have any hobbies, but if she did, she's sure they'd be something refined and fascinating.

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