Book Love (39) For The First Time

for-the-first-timeNo love blazes hotter
than the one that burns
For the First Time

Devlin Ryland has returned to London in triumph, acclaimed throughout the city for his courage at Waterloo and selfless rescue of a fellow soldier. But Devlin wants no part of his newfound glory — until he escapes to the country estate of a friend and encounters the one woman for whom he would gladly play the hero: the statuesque beauty Lady Blythe Christian. Unfortunately, the lady who so stirs his passions wants nothing at all to do with England’s heralded champion.

The man Devlin saved was Blythe’s betrothed…who then heartlessly married another. Now the pain only intensifies when Devlin is near — though, truth be told, she is not unmoved by the strength of his character and his considerable charms. But with heartbreak so fresh in her memory, how can noble Devlin convince Blythe to trust again…because only then can he show her what it is to be loved for the first time.

Why I LOVED For The First Time

I read this one many many years ago, when I first discovered romance. Many know this author for her PNR, and she was one of the first authors that explored historical and paranormal elements together, at least that I know of. But her Ryland brother series is simply fantastic and nothing compares to it. For the First Time is one of the best regency themed romances I have read. What is most wonderful abut this story is how endearing the characters are. It is one of those romances that even though I don’t remember all the tiny details on their romance, I do remember how captivated I was by the hero, and how heart warming I found the romance and couldn’t put it down!!! Kathryn Smith is simply wonderful and I highly recommend you try her out if you haven’t yet.

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