Blogger Shame Review-And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke

Blogger Shame Review-And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke

Blogger Shame Review-And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee GuhrkeAnd Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke
Also in this series: With Seduction in Mind
Series: Girl Bachelors #1
Published by Avon on February 27th 2007
Genres: Historical Romance, Victorian Era
Pages: 375
Format: Paperback
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 006114360X
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Supremely sensible Emmaline Dove wishes to share her etiquette expertise with London's readers, and as secretary to Viscount Marlowe, Emma knows she's in the perfect position to make her dream come true. Marlowe might be a rake with a preference for can-can dancers and an aversion to matrimony, but he is also the city's leading publisher, and Emma is convinced he's her best chance to see her work in print...until she discovers the lying scoundrel has been rejecting her manuscripts without ever reading a single page!

As a publisher, Harry finds reading etiquette books akin to slow, painful torture. Besides, he can't believe his proper secretary has the passion to write anything worth reading. Then she has the nerve to call him a liar, and even resigns without notice, leaving his business in an uproar and his honor in question. Harry decides it's time to teach Miss Dove a few things that aren't proper. But when he kisses her, he discovers that his former secretary has more passion and fire than he'd ever imagined, for one luscious taste of her lips only leaves him hungry for more.

As I was browsing through the books I had read on goodreads, I realized that I had never written a review for And Then He Kissed Her. And so I must share my thoughts on a wonderfully written romance that won my heart over years ago, and I believe I have read this book so many times that I might be due for a new copy, since the pages are starting to fall out!! hehe So let me share why this book is a must read for any romance reader.


It begins with our heroine, Emmeline, who is a writer and works for Harry Marlowe. She has a talent, and wants to share her ideas on etiquette, but her boss keeps turning the idea down. So she ups and quits, and decides to find someone else who will take on her etiquette pages. Harry doesn’t believe that Emma’s pages on etiquette will be useful to anyone, he believes they will be bored and he will just lose money there. So she works for his rival, and surprisingly become all the “rage” in London, and Harry is shocked that even his own family thinks that these pages are worth following as everyone else is doing. And thus begins a passion filled romance that will knock your socks off.


And oh boy, this story is well worth the read!! I remember the first time I picked up this book, and I couldn’t put it down. And it doesn’t matter how many times I pick it up, I always get plenty of laughs and giggles. The bantering play by play between Emma and Harry is contagious but what a great match they make for each other. They are both characters that have similar interests and desires. They are both talented writers and readers. Our heroine is a lovely character. We see a character growth, where she decides to go after her own dreams and desires. Our hero is pretty funny to be honest. I love the way he looks at life, in a very practical manner.

“No plovers no pigeons no snipe. No oysters mussels clams or whole lobsters. No artichokes no savories no cheese.” He paused for breath then went on “Nothing too rich nothing too highly seasoned. And never more than one glass of wine. Did I miss any no-noes ”

She sighed. “When it comes to my work I do wish you would be serious.”

“I am serious ” he assured her. “After reading this I understand why women have such tiny waists and go about fainting all the time. I thought it was corsets but no. You’re all hungry .”

Seeing these two come together in the end is simply marvelous. They might seem like opposites in some ways, but they really balance each other out in all the right ways. Their relationship just fits just right for this story. And the emotion that this author shows to the reader is heart wrenching. From beginning to end, the reader is swept away by Harry and Emma, the way they connect, and sizzle, the laughs and tears—PURE CHEMISTRY!!

About Laura Lee Guhrke

From the publication of her very first historical romance, Laura Lee Guhrke has received numerous honors and critical acclaim for her novels and her writing style. She has been honored with the most prestigious award of romance fiction, the Romance Writers of America Rita Award, and she has received additional awards from Romantic Times and All About Romance. Romantic Times has proclaimed her, “One of the most natural voices in historical romance to be found today”. Her books routinely hit the USA Today Bestseller List, and Guilty Pleasures has been honored with the Romantic Times Award for Best European Historical Romance of 2004. Among her publishing credits are twelve historical romances, including her latest, And Then He Kissed Her, now available from Avon Books.

Laura is currently hard at work on her thirteenth historical romance for Avon Books. She has also written articles for various publications, including the Romance Writers Report, The British Weekly , and the Irish-American Press.

31 thoughts on “Blogger Shame Review-And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke

  1. I’ve been trying to slowly go through all my older books in the hopes of reviewing them on the blog. The cover looks familiar but I don’t remember anything about this book. So thank you for dusting it off and sharing it. I will have to look the series up on GR.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. Renee, I remember reading this years ago and lovng it. I think my favourite book by Laura Lee Guhrke will always be Guilty Pleasures.

  3. Oh wow. I’d not heard of this book before. you should get yourself a shiny new copy! So this is an all-time favorite, right? I’ll have to check it out. Though I can’t say I always love stories involving the heroine and the hero being competitive rivals. D: Great review, Renee!

    Have a wonderful day. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Nice review! I’ve read several of her books but somehow haven’t picked this one up. I love quick, witty bantering so I think this one will be a fun one to read. 🙂

      1. I have. It was one of her more recent ones. If I’m recalling right I did like the hero but had some major heroine issues. But I have a couple of yall who love her books and are tempting me to try again but definitely thinking one of the older ones 🙂

  5. This is one of my favorite series! Except for the last book, the first 3 are amazing. The outstanding ones for me are And then He Kissed Her (Miss Dove and Mr. Pidgeon the cat) and Secret Desires of a Gentleman (all the baking scenes).

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