Audio Book Review-Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Audio Book Review-Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Audio Book Review-Everlasting Kiss by Amanda AshleyEverlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley
Also in this series: Everlasting Desire
Series: Everlasting #1
Published by Zebra on February 1st 2010
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Narrator: Jennifer Ikeda
Length: 10 Hours and 48 Mins
Pages: 384
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
ISBN: 1420104438
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Daisy O'Donnell doesn't get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a heartbeat. And she's just met one who's full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there's no resisting the connection she feels. . .
There's one important detail Erik hasn't gotten around to telling her yet. He's a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who is draining young vampires all over the city--and who has just raised the stakes by destroying one of Erik's friends. To Erik, Daisy is a bright spot of innocence in a world of darkness and menace. He'll do anything--even lie to her--to keep her safe and pure.
If only he knew that Daisy has something of her own to hide. . .

My Review


Daisy O’Donell is part of a family of vampire hunters and blood thieves. Daisy has never been comfortable with the idea of killing, so she sticks with taking the blood of vampires and selling it on the internet and gives her good money. While at a club, she meets a dark and mysterious man that she is drawn to. Before Daisy realizes it she is entering into a relationship with him. Erik is a vampire, and even though he has never really taken a chance on dating a mortal, Daisy is a bit different. The more he spends time with her, the more he wants to. But as they spend time together, there are certain things about Daisy that don’t exactly fit and he is determined to find out her secrets. But there is a danger building to their kind and the master of the vampires in the west, and his closest friend is hunting down the blood thief and vampire killer. When the truth comes out, that Daisy and Erik are enemies, things couldn’t get worse for them. But eventually they resolve issues, but, unfortunately, the danger to Daisy is only going to escalate. And soon Erik is put in a terrible position of choosing his best friend and his loyalty or his love for Daisy.

Plot and Story Line

Everlasting Kiss is the first of the duo Everlasting series. Now after reading these two books, I have really enjoyed the way that Amanda Ashley has developed her vampire-themed books and they are a ball to read. Everlasting Kiss is a story I have been waiting to listen to ,ever since I read the second book “Rhys” and really couldn’t wait to read Erik and Daisy’s story. I knew it would be kick ass, because in the second book we learn of Daisy’s background and her unconventional family. I really love the enemies to lovers trope, and this one series rocked the house in every way. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Daisy and her family are quite unique. They have always been vampire hunters and blood thiefs. But it is very high risk for them. What was quite entertaining, was seeing Daisy and her family members interact, but most especially her brother (whom I totally think should fall in love with some vampire chick….he would deserve it). He is the worst of the three kids, he loves killing vampires. But Alex learns quite a few lessons in this book as well. He goes from being arrogant and conceited in thinking he will get no consequences for his actions, but he soon realizes that not all vampires are evil; just like not all humans are good. What was very amusing about these siblings, is their belief in thinking its okay to just randomly go into vampire homes and kill them at their weakest. I will admit that I found this part of the story a bit difficult to be alright with. They tend to live a double standard on this issue though. The whole family really does until Erik comes into the picture and after some painful lessons, they begin to understand what vampires are really. It was pretty fun to see them get a bit humbled.

The romance between Daisy and Erik is actually a fun one. Erik is a trooper in the relationship, though. I loved him way more than I liked Daisy. Mostly because he is so understanding and forgiving. I mean, her family is killing off his kind. And quite frankly, there is a moment in the relationship, where it takes a turn through a course of events, and Daisy is made to realize what she really has with Erik. This is where we see Daisy come to terms with certain aspects, and fight for the man she loves even if that means she is going against her family. Such an enjoyable read and definitely won me over.

The Narrator

I am really loving this narrator and recently discovered her this year. But she does a great job with the story, and with her inflections and the way she portrays the story is simply well done!!

The Cover

I love how dramatic it is. I love the white moon in the background with the red vivid colors in the front.

Overall View

Everlasting Kiss is a sensational vampire romance that will keep you on your toes and give you shivers of delight. mystery and adventure!!!

Series Order

Everlasting DesireEverlasting Kiss

About Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley is one of those rare birds--a California native. She's lived in Southern California her whole life and, except for the earthquakes, loves it. She shares a home with her husband, as well as a fluffy Pomeranian named Lady, a wild house sparrow she raised from a baby named Tweety, and a tortoise who remains nameless. Amanda and her alter ego, Madeline Baker, have written over 70 books and short stories. Not bad for someone who started writing just for the fun of it. Her books have made the New York Times Bestseller List, the USA Today Bestseller List, and the Waldenbooks Bestseller and Mass Market lists.

Not much happening here. Same old, same old. Writing new story. Looking forward to the publication of Night's Surrender in September. I love this book and this cover.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!!!! -excerpt from goodreads

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