At A Glance: Month of September 2020

This month of September just breezed by….I swear I think I must have blinked and it was gone!! There were some new things that happened. As you have noticed I have not been as active as I normally am. I am trying to post when I can, I am switching to doing a mini review post every week. I am studying into apologetics and I am LOVING it so much, I am reading like a ton mostly into history, culture, and religious doctrine and ancient scriptural writs. Its fascinating. But that doesn’t mean I am forgetting about my romance. I still managed to read a decent amount of books especially since I do need that still. I am still depressed BUT things are slightly better. It is helping that I am reading the romance I WANT to read more instead. I am obsessed with alpha males of late and just can’t put them down LOL Its just been my mood lately. Nothing sexier to me than a strong masculine hero especially right now. I did update my Goodreads Reading Challenge—there are some changes happening ahead and my romance reading is probably going to go down a bit. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 210/200 books complete,

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50