At A Glance: Month Of May

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Wow,,,, where did the month of May go!! It has flown by like crazy and I still can’t believe its almost June! Well the month of May was a pretty fantastic month. In my personal life, my brother got home from a religious mission and was gone for 2 years!! Man I have missed that boy so much, and he is grown like a foot and is so mature now, I almost didn’t recognize him. My sister got married to a wonderful guy, and I am so happy for her. I traded in my Nook for a Kindle paperwhite. This is my first kindle to own!! And wow its different but I am loving it way more than any of the Nook readers I ever had. And I even had money left over from selling my Nook to buy quite a few book goodies. I did have a hard time debating which kindle to get…since there are four models now. However from my research, the paperwhite felt like the best deal. The voyage seemed nice and so did the oasis, but since many of the features are very similar…the prices for the others didn’t seem worth it. What I am loving is having an e reader I can read anywhere especially in the sunlight. It is taking some getting used to reading off an e ink style though but wow I am breezing through books like crazy. It makes such a different not reading on a tablet. So yeah this month has been pretty great. And I have been reading some fabulous reads this month.



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