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At A Glance: Month of March 2020

by | Apr 4, 2020 | At A Glance | 0 comments

So for the latest news ….well MARCH has been quite the month especially for all of us I am sure, both on a mental and emotional level. I have been working hard on not letting this Corona Virus get to me too much. Thankfully I am an introvert and more of a homebody anyway, so its not too hard staying home more. I really just work and come home and read or work on projects. And boy I am getting things done. I should have the Time Era section of the Romance Book Database (which I feature here on the site) to be done by summer, I am hoping by June. I am 2/3 of the way done and with working half of what I normally do, I am going to have more time to work on it and hopefully get it finished. Its the biggest project I have ever worked on, but its also making me realize how much romance I have read over the years and why I love it so. My reading has been a struggle though, I am not going to lie. The first three weeks of March I had the hardest time picking up a book. And really I think the anxiety of what is going on has really been keeping me down. But this past week I have been working hard on not letting it get to me and my reading is improving. My faith has been my rock through this all and I am feeling so blessed to have such support from my church leaders and my family and loved ones. Hopefully, this thing will die down soon and we can all get back to normal life again.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 76/300—I am right on track! A miracle, considering how I have neglected my reading this month. Goals for April: Get caught up on my ARC’s and then get working on the books for my Romanceopoly Challenge because that has been neglected of late.

[challenge-progress for=”Romanceopoly 2020″]

So tell me….how was your month of March this year of 2020? Did you have struggles? Has it been a challenge for you as well? How was your reading? Any favorites of the month? Let me know in the comments below

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