At A Glance: Month of July

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July was both a month of good and bad, at times there was some good things that happened, and it also kicked my butt!! So I want to get the negative stuff out of the way. My job hasn’t worked out as I planned, not making the income I was promised and after all those months of not having a job, yeah looking for something better now. Then a couple of days ago my car wouldn’t start. I think its the starter, and praying its not my alternator. My poor baby….is hurt and I am going stir crazy without my car even though its only been a couple of days!!  On the other side, July was a special month of birthdays for my family. My sister and cousin both have birthdays in early July. So even though I don’t even live close to them, it was fun face timing them. Don’t you just love technology sometimes. My sister is in Chicago and my cousin in Canada.

As for the blog, some great things have been happening. As some of you may know, the past few months I have been working on a book database for romance novels. Its basically a list of recommendations, with links to individual pages for buy links, addy’s to goodreads and basic info about each book. Under all sorts of categories of heroes, heroines, tropes, themes. And upcoming I will start working on time era’s and genres. I also changed to a homepage, I wanted a change. I have read some amazing books this month though, some of the best books I have read all year have been read this month, so as far as reading goes—it has been AMAZING!!! First off there were two books that were the most inspiring of books, some of the others listed below were too…but these two made me want to dance and just made me feel so happy. First off was The Last Outlaw and boy was that good, and it was a bit bitter sweet, since Jake and Miranda are my favorite couple of all time and I was so sad to see the their story end…or NOT. The author did hint that she had plans for future books involving the family, like the kids so we shall see what happens. *crossing fingers* that this is not the end for Jake and Miranda. But yeah this book made me cry buckets….but also brought plenty of smiles and laughter. The second book I just had to point out was The Sea King. And man….I want to re read it now, it was so dang good. 600 pages and I read it in one sitting. Yep, that is how good it was. I personally think it was better than The Winter King, but it is a bit different. So overall July wasn’t a bad month or anything, but August I plan on doing some summer fun even if it kills me hehe

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Goodreads Reading Challenge-165 books out of 300–9 Books Behind of Schedule–I am a little behind, but hopefully I will be able to get ahead this next month.

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