ARC Book Review-When A Laird Finds A Lass

ARC Book Review-When A Laird Finds A Lass

ARC Book Review-When A Laird Finds A LassWhen a Laird Finds a Lass by Lecia Cornwall
Also in this series: Beauty and the Highland Beast, The Lady and the Highlander
Series: A Highland Fairy Tale #2
Published by Swerve on November 1st 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Fairy Tales
Format: eARC
Source: Swerve
ISBN: 1250111625
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She is his greatest enemy and his only salvation.
Malcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh, unexpectedly inherits his father’s title of Laird of Dunbronach, forcing him to return to a place he hasn’t seen since he was a small child. To gain the trust of a wary clan, Malcolm must act upon their insistence that he cast aside his English betrothed and marry a Highlander.
However, they have one condition—no lasses of the barbaric clan MacLeod.
When he finds an unconscious woman in the sea, he brings her back to his clan but not before doing the one thing that could save her life—hiding her all too telling MacLeod plaid. When she wakes with no memory of who she is, Malcolm vows to keep the little he knows about her identity a secret. As new dangers threaten his clan, the mysterious lass teaches Malcolm some very important lessons about how to be a Highlander and a laird.
But secrets never stay secret for long, and when she finds her plaid, her memory returns and she flees. Malcolm is forced to make a difficult choice to win her back, facing his darkest fears and his worst enemy for a chance at true love.


Malcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh is shocked to learn that he is the next Laird. A clan that he hasn’t been around for many years, and on top of everything will have to earn the trust of everyone in the clan. But there is one problem, well many problems, but when he stumbles across a injured lass wrapped in the plaid of the their enemy the MacDonald’s, he hides the evidence because he has no idea what they will do to this innocent woman who has no memory of who she is even though he knows where she comes from and her life could be in danger if anyone finds out the truth. Ranat, has no memory of who she is or where she comes from. All she knows is that the sea and fresh air calls out to her. She feels drawn to Malcolm, and even though he tries to put distance between them the chemistry between them is powerful and not even he can resist what they feel for each other. But Malcolm is hiding a horrible secret and if he isn’t honest with her in time he could lose her forever…

Plot and Story Line

When A Laird Finds A Lass is another wonderful tale from our esteemed author Lecia Cornwall. Now this one is even better than the first book, which I didn’t think was possible since I adored Beauty and the Highland Beast. Quite frankly….I had so much fun with the fairy tale that this story is based on : The Little Mermaid. Our heroine is quite the swimmer, the water calls to her and she swims naturally like a fish. Our story starts out with our heroine. She thinks she is in love but then is betrayed. So when a suitor comes calling looking to marry one of the famous Macdonald sisters, she volunteers. On the journey to her new home with her new husband, she finds a horrible truth and is betrayed once again. But is injured and finds herself without her memory and our hero finds her and is captivated!! Our hero has good reasons for keeping the truth from his clan ( I definitely understood that) however I couldn’t understand why he kept the truth from Ranat  ( and yes weird name but they didn’t know her real name and you understand the reason behind naming her that in the book) We do have a couple of villains here actually. The first is Ranat’s Husband, he is pretty horrible, wanting to use her for revenge against her clan. Then we have the cousin to Malcolm, who one of the elders of the clan is misguided and wanted him instead. Quite frankly, he should be shot. Tends to rape women whenever he gets drinking. But the clan as a whole were so awesome. They are pretty close knit to each other, which makes sense since many of their people have died from a disease. Especially in how they welcome Ranat and make her a part of the clan. They protect and care for each other. Malcolm proves to be one of the best leaders that really brings things together for them all. Malcolm has no idea what he is really doing, but he fits the role so well. The romance that develops between these two is almost a game of give and take. Malcolm wants to pursue something real with Ranat, but the secret keeps from her, eats him up inside. Ranat, knows what is between them and pursues Malcolm. I really adored the heroine here, because she just knows there isn’t another man from her past she could love more than Malcolm. And not afraid to go after who she really wants!!

“Kiss me,” she whispered against his mouth.

“To see if you remember? It’s a dangerous game.”

She shook her head “No. This time it’s not a game, or a test. I don’t want to think about the past or the future or anyone else. I just want now, with you.”

“But if–” he began, and she put her finger over his lips, silencing him.

“No, Malcolm. Tonight you are not a lawyer or a laird. I am no one’s wife, or a selkie, or even your pretend bride. I am a woman and you are the man I desire.”


I did like seeing how these two in different ways fight for the love they share for each other and so many sweet and sexy moments to enjoy.

The Cover

I love the dress, and the purple colored plaid with the backdrop of the sea. And you know I love the lettering used in this one.

Overall View

When A Laird Finds A Lass is a charming highland romance that sweeps you off your feet with adventure, passion, and the magic of true love….ENCHANTING!!!

Books N Tunes

My choice would be If Only, from the Little Mermaid Musical. I was thinking about this whole soundtrack while I was reading this book, because it was all these little things that made me think of this fairy tale and loved seeing this adaption. Its actually rare to see an adaption of The Little Mermaid in fairytale retellings, so it made me want to get a mermaid tail of my own or maybe a sexy highland laird close to the seashore.

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About Lecia Cornwall

Lecia Cornwall lives and writes in Calgary, Canada, amid the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, with four cats, two teenagers, a crazy chocolate Lab, and one very patient husband. She is hard at work on her next book.

9 thoughts on “ARC Book Review-When A Laird Finds A Lass

  1. Swooning hard at that quote! I love that she goes after what she wants and isn’t afraid. This sounds like a really good romance novel. I was curious about the first book but didn’t pick it up for some reason, but I’ll certainly look into this one!
    Lovely review! 🙂

  2. I really like The Littler Mermaid, it always was one of my favorite Disney movies, I considered requesting this one when i saw it on netgalley and now I wish i had as it sounds like a great read. I like how it sounds like there are some similarities with the original tale, but also some differences like how she has memory loss. I am not a fan of secret keeping type of plot lines in a romance, it always feels like it just comes back to hurt them eventually. That sounds wonderful how close knit the clan is and how they welcome her. Great review!

  3. I debated on whether or not I wanted to read this book! I love the cover (purple! gorgeous!), but I didn’t like book one at all. The idea of her already being married, and the memory loss trope, would bother me a little. But there are so many redeeming qualities that you noted, like the steamy chemistry. Ah! Decisions, decisions.

    Great review! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. A retelling of a fairy tale can be great if done right and it seems like this definitely was. I’ve heard wonderful reviews so far. I have a feeling this series is going to be added to the TBR soon… 😉

    1. haha I think its so funny you didn’t get the fairy tale it was based on!!! Silly girl hehe Isn’t this author so wonderful? I love all of her books. You should pick up some of her other ones too.

      1. LOL I feel like SUCH a goof now. I spent a long while trying to figure it out and I’ll have to go re-read but I think I even put in my review I had no clue. lol I kept focusing on the memory loss and was like nope NO clue. Bwahaha. Yeah I wanna check out her backlist now 🙂

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