This page is dedicated to recommendations of themes, and this theme is all those Cowboys and Country Boys we can never get enough of. This can include any…whether its contemporary or historical or even a bit of magic involved. We see so much appeal in these as heroes and heroines. Where we see settings of country lifestyle…wide open spaces, plenty of cows and horses. Plus cowboys are very FIT!!! What’s not to love right?

Addicted To Romance Top Picks


Looking For More Recommendations?….here are some series to pick up!! 

Montana Men 


The Montana Men Series is based on a couple of ranching families. These families are based on brothers, who live in the same area. In each book there is a high level if intensity and dramatic moments which usually start at the begining of each story.


Why I Recommend-

I recommend this series, because each book I have LOVED!! I have a weakness for cowboys, but boy Jennifer Ryan writes them in such a delicious way. Her writing is very engaging, and she writes fascinating page turners with plenty of action, passion and intense moments. These get very emotional at times, and I love the way these romances are written. You definitely want to make sure you have some fresh tissues handy, these books draw you in completely.

Valentine Valley


These groups of books takes place in “Valentine Valley”, a small town set up, where the residents are close to each other, is a quaint and homey kind of town.


Why I Recommend-

I love small town communities, and Emma Cane portrays this so beautifully in this wonderful series of Valentine Valley. What I like most is how charming and warm these books are. I love how these books evolve and the characters that come into play. Both main characters and secondary characters are quite engaging.

The Mackenzies


The Mackenzies is a series based on a family in the frontier. Each member embarks on various types of adventures and circumstances and finds love along the way.


Why I Recommend-

This is such a fun and easy going series. I have adored Ana Leigh for the longest time. But this series is a riot and had a blast reading these books. This family is simply fabulous and I love seeing their interactions when they get together!!

Bitter Creek 


This series is set in a town called “Bitter Creek” where two rival families are at each other’s throats. Its passionate, packed with adventure and great chemistry.


Why I Recommend-

I recommend Bitter Creek because this series packs a punch for sure!! Whohee….does it ever!! I love each of these books, because never has a author written a rival series so well. These two families definitely go at it and end up in falling in love and building new bridges with each other. We see the power of love and healing.

Rogues In Texas


This series is about three Englishmen who come to America, and build a life there. These book is where they meet some feisty and passionate ladies and embark on some adventure. Their Children are featured in the Daughters of Fortune Series.


Why I Recommend-

Why do I Love this trilogy? Well there are many reasons. But these were some of the first books I ever read from this author. Quite frankly, she handles westerns so well. What I love is seeing these three Englishmen explore the frontier of America and learn the meaning of WORK. And the women they meet are their equal match. Each book is equally amazing and I love the excitement that Heath displays among the pages of these books.

Bachelors of Battle Creek 

This trilogy is based on three oprhans that form a brotherly bond. They build a strong friendship, and settle out west in the same area, buy land of their own (all next to each other of course). Each man is different and unique but are downright honest and good.

Why I Recommend-

This trilogy is fairly new, the last book came out just a few months ago. Each book is simply wonderful to read and I love how engaging this author’s writing is. The romances she develops are heartwarming and down to earth.

Cactus Creek Trilogy 


In The Cactus Creek Series, it starts off as a wagon train adventure and ends up where this group of people from Kansas settle in Arizona. Its a trilogy of three brothers, that were orphaned at a young age and sseparated and found each other as adults.


Why I Recommend-

I recently discovered this trilogy and every book was son fascinating and pretty fantastic. I love what this author has written here. From Book one to Book three I went on a fun adventure of the wild west and some fabulous romances to adore. A MUST READ!