Top Ten Tuesday (71) Top Ten Books Read In 2015

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This year has been fantastic for me, I am exactly on track of my reading goal for the year. I just reached my 200 books mark today…WHAHOO!! My goal for the year is 400, I wanted to really challenge myself, and boy have I had fun with all the books I have read. Below is what I loved most.

1. Bengal’s Quest by Lora Leigh

Bengal's Quest


So I just adore the Breeds series, and whew I got a kick out of this one, I really loved both characters, and what intensity and emotion and read this really quickly…one hell of a page turner for me. Its the 30th book in the series, CRAZY RIGHT??? Thankfully I have managed to keep up on the series. I think I may know what the next book may be about, and it will be a kicker for sure.

2. Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

Marked 2

This is a story I have waited for ever since I discovered the first book, and throughout the whole series we see both of these characters from when they are little to adults, and it was quite a wild ride of action and passion, loved every moment!!

3. Bite At First Sight-Brooklyn Ann

Bite At First Sight

This is a historical/paranormal themed romance with some delicious vampires you just want to gobble up. I have read all the books and this is my favorite installment.

4. Ransom by Julie Garwood 


In the past I have read most of the historical romances by this author, but I think this one passed by me and so I was able to get this in audio format, and I think its one of my favorite books by this author (and there are so many good ones she has written). Entertaining, a sweet love story and rich in historical context…loved every moment.

5. Price Of A Kiss-Linda Kage 

Price Of A Kiss

Now this series and this author made me fall in love with the NA genre. And this book might be my favorite of the series, It really put me through the emotional ringer. I fell in love with both characters, and their story was heartbreaking at times, entertaining in other moments and sweetly romantic and had the type of ending that you crave whenever you pick up a romance.

6. Rock Hard by Nalini Singh 

Rock Hard

I have read many books from this author and she is excellent in whatever genre she is writing in . Rock Hard is my top favorite of her contemporaries….such a fun romantic story and I loved the relationship between these two.

7. Radiance by Grace Draven 


This is such a great book, one of the best fantasy romances I have ever read. It came out this year, and I am super excited for the second one.

8. The Master by Kresley Cole 

The Master

Now I adored this one, even more than the first, there was something more to this story and I loved the heroine, she was feisty and had sass and I loved her.

9. Bound By Flame

Bound By Flames

The Third installment with Vlad and Leila and probably the most dramatic and intense installment, this story hurt to read at times, just because of what these two go through…poor Leila though, wow if I hadn’t loved her before boy do I love her know. She is one tough little cookie.

10. Sweet Madness by Heather Snow

Sweet Madness

This is a book that has been the best historical I have read all year. This is a author that must be read by any that enjoy historical romance. It is phenomenal. What was most intriguing about this one was the historical relevance and it was very obvious the author really researched. We see how they dealt with PTSD and to most people they thought it was “madness” from the war, and the heroine she stands her ground with the hero and fights for him and his freedom from a mad house so that she can help heal him emotionally. She understands what he is suffering from and has studied for quite some time.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (71) Top Ten Books Read In 2015

  1. I bet it was tough to limit this list as many fabulous reads as there were this year. Woots on the 200 mark! I love several of the ones on your list.

  2. I’ve only read Rock Hard from your list and I agree that it was amazing. I still need to read Bound by Flames and Ransom though I own them both. Congrats on making the halfway mark on your reading goal…200 in six months…I’m super impressed!!

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