Top Ten Tuesday (70) Themes I Love

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The Broke and the Bookish, are on their fifth anniversary of this Top Ten Tuesday Meme. This is one of my favorite memes that I do, and below I have listed my favorite topics that I have done.

1. Top Ten Authors To Meet- This was such a fun topic, because I have read quite a few books, but its always fun to pick those authors where their writing really speaks to that reader.

2. All Time Favorites-this was a difficult one, because I have so many favorites, but it was refreshing to look back at those special books that I have read that reminds you what makes you love about reading.

3. Favorite Heroines-I can be quite picky about my heroines, but this was fun because I do have some favorites of heroines I had such a fun time with

4. Favorite Couples-What I love most about reading romance, is seeing a couple come together and work out and resolve certain problems together.

5. Winter TBR-I love winter and Christmas themed romances, there is something so different about these stories that are different from the others, almost a magical tone to them.

6. Characters To Get Their Own Book–Anyone that reads books, especially if you read a series that has been finished, there are those supporting characters that you wish to get more from.

7. Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit–One of my favorite aspects of reading (especially historical’s) is the various settings, especially when a author gives vivid details, it just makes you want to visit those places.

8. Character Driven Novels-There are many various facets to a story I love reading, but one of my favorites is the characters. Characters make a story really come alive for me, especially when you have those unique stories where you have those certain characters that make that story more for the reader.

9. Underrated Romance Books–This happens way more frequently than it used to, but I loved this topic, because there are so many books I have read, that not many others have read, and these books are my top favorites and its sad that not many give them a chance, and this was a fun chance to show others why I loved these books most.

10. Unique Books–Certain stories that are a bit different tone to them, that you don’t see in the average story.

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