Throwback Thursday (75) Historical Romanc Edition: Taste of Sin

Throwback Thursday is a new meme hosted by Buried Under Romance and Love
Saves The World, and since I just love Historical Romance I decided to

What Is Throwback Thursday? Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates
nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or image from
their past–usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book
blogs that also do a book related Throwback Thursday.

Here Are The Rules: 1. It must be posted on a Thursday. 2. It must be a
historical romance novel published before October 3, 2008


My Candidate For The Week


A Taste Of SinCome hell or high water, Lady Christy would have her long-awaited wedding night at last. But first she had to seduce the dashing rogue who has claimed her as bride — in name only!

Lady Christy Macdonald had been ordered to marry St. John Thornton when she was a mere child. But her wedding day was the last time the spirited Scottish beauty had set eyes on her English bridegroom, who has become the notorious rake they call “Lord Sin.” Now she is a woman, and under pressure to end her sham marriage in order to wed the Cameron chieftain. Yet fiery, independent Christy wants a new groom even less than she wanted the first. So she hatches a plan to secure an heir and deter a suitor by seducing the infamous “Sin.”

Dashing St. John–or “Sinjun” as he is known–never recognized the wild Scottish girl he’d married in the mysterious lovely lady who swept into his life, and into his bed, before vanishing without a trace. All the charming rogue knows is that he has never tasted lips so sweet or experienced a night so rapturously satisfying in all his years of shameless carousing. Married or no, Sinjun must track the lady down to have her again and for all time, his bride in distant Scotland be hanged! But he cannot imagine that the wife he abandoned–the one woman he never cared to know–is the one love he cannot live without!


0 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (75) Historical Romanc Edition: Taste of Sin

  1. Wow! This sounds so scandalous! I’m intrigued and a bit off with this trope but most definitely more intrigued about what’ll happen. Cheating is not a good look but I’ll give this a try.

    1. Its actually one of my favorite books by this author. And normally I am not comfortable with the ‘cheating’ aspect, but the author does great with how she writes it.

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