Through The Ages: Book Review-An Affair To Remember by Karen Hawkins

Through The Ages: Book Review-An Affair To Remember by Karen Hawkins

Through The Ages: Book Review-An Affair To Remember by Karen HawkinsAn Affair to Remember by Karen Hawkins
Series: Talisman Ring #1
Published by Avon Books on July 30, 2002
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 372
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 038082079X
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Saddled with five unruly orphans, the Earl of Greyley, Anthony Elliot, is at his wits' end. Unfortunately, the only person willing to deal with the adorable little terrors is Anna Thraxton, governess "extraordinaire" --- and the one woman Anthony can't abide. She's too outspoken, too opinionated, and far too beautiful for his peace of mind. A woman should be meek and mild --- words that perfectly describe his prospective bride, not the flame-haired temptress who haunts his dreams.

Anna knew this job would be trouble the moment she set foot in the door --- but it's Anthony who's the problem, not the children! He's too arrogant, too sure of himself, and far, far too wonderfully big and masculine. The young girl he's courting will never be able to handle him, so someone clearly needs to teach Anthony a few things about women. But when lectures turn to kisses, igniting a passion they can't ignore, how will they resolve the battle between honour and their hearts.

An Affair To Remember is one of my favorite reads and I read it years ago and I thought it was time to get a book review done for it. This is one of the best books from Karen Hawkins. I adore this author and even though I ADORE her latest releases, there is something so heart felt and gives you the warm fuzzies when reading this one. An Affair To Remember has a mix of governess heroine, and seeing the growth and change that we see in the hero and the children that our heroine becomes in charge of.

So An Affair To Remember is the first book in the Talisman Ring series. It begins with our hero, who has inherited five unruly children who are quite the handful. in fact Anthony Elliot, the Earl of Greyley is overwhelmed with these children that he has become guardian over so he hires Anna Thraxton. Anna and her grandfather have fallen on hard times and she is need of this position. However, she doesn’t only have issues with Elliot who she believes is an ass but she also has her hands full with the five children who need discipline and guidance. As she takes all in hand, she discovers a hidden passion with Elliot and a family she never expected to find.

I adored this book so much, and in my mind its a true classic and must read for any romance reader. It is one of the “Romantic Treasures” from Avon and these are probably my favorite type of romances that Avon has ever delivered. And this book is a true treasure. I do have a weakness for Governess historical’s and this is one of the best out there. I adored the heroine so much, she has spunk and strong willed and creative in her methods in how she brings Elliot and his guardian children to heel. So many moments that are packed with amusement and I really love Karen Hawkins writing style. So witty and lively and the reader is always guaranteed for a good time when picking up one of her books. You can never have any doubts that this book is a classy romance that is a must read for anyone.

About Karen Hawkins

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Hawkins is known for her wonderfully humorous and emotion-tugging historical and contemporary romances. The author of over 30 novels, Karen writes for a living between shopping for shoes, playing around on Facebook and Pinterest, looking for fun items for Hawkins Manor, and napping, although usually not at the same time. Sometimes, for fun, she takes Instagram pictures of her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Teke, and posts them online.

Yeah, she's a wild one.

Karen lives in balmy Orlando, Florida, with her husband, aka Hot Cop, and her two dogs. Her children are both out of college and have become productive, non-violent members of society. Karen writes six to eight hours a day when not obsessively reading research books on Regency-era Scotland, snacking on chocolate, or looking out the windows of her house and thinking about gardening. Her hobbies include sculpting, oil painting, playing badminton, and -- ok, ok, she doesn't have any hobbies, but if she did, she's sure they'd be something refined and fascinating.

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