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The Elite Swoony Pairs 2017

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Curran and Kate

There is something so wonderful about this pair here. Curran and Kate will always be one of my favorite pairs, but when Magic Binds was read, I felt so much more between them. Their relationship is really pushed to the test as Kate struggles with some internal issues and she has to learn to trust in the love Curran actually and REALLY has for her and its not an easy journey for her. And man does Curran get all beastly and wowzers did I love him just even more in this book. This pair just always seem to come alive in this series for me and I can’t get enough.

Remy and Brooke

These two are just beyond swoony and I couldn’t get enough of the chemistry that sizzles between them. There is so much that develops between these two and we see the growth in their relationship over three books which is so amazing and no cliffhangers which is nice. We see a famous MMA fighter who has a bipolar syndrome he suffers from. Then he is drawn to a normal average girl who has a talent in sport injury and preparedeness. And they soon develop a strong same taste in music and sex which develops into some strong feelings. I love the way these two fight for one another.

Jace and Vivienne

Man, I fell in love with Jace and Vivienne and I loved seeing their love story develop in Rough and Tumble. I just fell hard for this one, mostly because of this pairing. I honestly didn’t want their story to end and I was so hooked on their bond. There is a growth of intimacy in this book, I love that even though the heat level of this book was pretty prominenet, there was also a strong focus on the emotional side of things and boy did I love seeing the balance that Rhenna Morgan brings.

Knight and Anya

Man this couple just rocked it for me in every way. I just didn’t want to let go of them at all. One of my favorite couples Kristen Ashley has ever written. Knight is a bit okay…a big of a badass bad boy. He smokes, he runs a night club and likes his cars to be FAST. He is only with the most elite and beautiful of women. But then your average woman pulls him in. And he finds himself intrigued by her. What I fell hard for was seeing this bad ass man who is super Alpha male being brought down by this sweet and kind lady. She is the next door neighbor type of gal so these two are complete opposite so they find a common balance somehow and LOVED their chemistry and how much they truly care for each other in small ways.

Julius and Sarah

Man this couple can make you swoon in all those delicious ways. I just ADORED Julius and Sarah. Their relationship is not what you expect and I so don’t want to spoil anything for you. But what I liked about them is that not everything is all that it seems. That sometimes there is a reason for certain circumstances. Their relationship is the most unique that I have ever read!!! This couple just blew me away and their romance was so edgy, raw and REAL.

Josh and Lucy

Oh boy….this couple cracked me up the WHAZOO!!! Seriously, I don’t know why I put this book off for so long but man they were hilarious. I loved their endearing bantering, the stunts they pulled on each other and yet when we got those serious and real moments between them it only makes the reader fall in love with them even more and cheer them on because making a HEA happen between these two is not easy.

Vlad and Leila


Yeah this book was amazing because it had one of my favorite PNR couples ever to be read. There is something about Vlad and Leila that I have always loved. And this book is their finale and what a finale. And so many diverse moments that I just couldn’t help but fall in love. From a snowball fight and yes I am so serious about that one, crazy spells and intrigue of magic and some great ass kicking comes into play. And man this book really put me into shock at times, but Vlad and Leila’s relationship is put at its greatest test.

Dilys and Gabriella

These two are beyond dreamy and they go through some tough things that push what they have to the limits, but it also strengths them both individually and as a pair. You see how much closer they become in the ways that they are challenged. I simply adored seeing them together. And they are far from perfect, but once they come together honestly their relationship just blooms in this book and they fit each other quite perfectly.

Jake and Miranda

Jake and Miranda have always been one of my favorite couples to EVER read. The Last Outlaw unfortunately was the last book in the series and even though it saddens me I am also eager to see if Bittner will explore this family. But what makes this pair so epic is how strong their relationship really is. The one thing that they always have is trust in their love. They never lose hope in what they have and how much stronger it makes them. And trust me they go through hell and back and come on top in the end. We see them fall in love in their early twenties to this book in their fifties and what a journey this pair has and this finale was truly EPIC and everything I could have imagined!!

Rupert and Brigitta

Man was this book good and my favorite couple this author has ever written. Their story was truly unforgettable. It doesn’t start out like you expect and it doesn’t evolve like you would even imagine. This pair comes together in the most unlikely way, its almost like they know the true goodness of each other before they even know each other at all. There is this type of bond that is very deep and seeing the way that these two literally will fight for one another and for what is really right. I love the whole couple against the evils of the world because that is what it is in this book and they conquer and its so majestic.

Luca and Kisa

These two are one of those “destined” like written couples that you crave in a romance and Tillie Cole just makes them work in so many great ways. They are pretty much childhood sweethearts, and then they are torn apart in a horrible way when they are teens. Luca is kidnapped, forced to take drugs and his memory wiped and forced to kill. Then he escapes and come back for revenge and he and Kisa find each other again and reconnect and Luca slowly regains his memories including the love he has for Kisa. And boy their story was so heartfelt and intense and they are beyond memorable.

Mount and Keira

These two are brought together under the not so good circumstances, but slowly they build a strong relationship. Of course, it starts off with the sexual chemistry being off the charts. But it develops into something way more and the emotional intimacy that builds is so addicting. I was so drawn into those special moments and you definitely don’t want to mess with this pair who are invincible together.

Hale and Piper

These two are a blast literally. They are always at the opposite ends of the spectrum and so fierce and protective of those they love. Our hero is the local Sheriff of this small town. Our heroine, Piper, is a member of a family that have well known criminals. Piper is a heroine I just fell for and seeing Piper and Hale come together was such a beautiful thing. They may be opposites but they have great chemistry and they tend to balance each other out so well.

Cole and Shannon

these two just make a match between them work in every way possible. I just adored them together and even though we have the whole “appearances may be deceiving” there is so much emotion and endearing qualties to their relationship that you just cheer for them because you see how much they need to be together. They fit in such harmonious ways especially once they get through all the emotional baggage that holds them down at times.

Lexi and Martinez

We have a dark hero, who is full on bad boy and a man of power and money. Our heroine, is a dancer and has been sexually abused in the past. Each of them have serious emotional issues to work through. Their story is epic and takes them through quite a few years but seeing them work through the struggles and find a happy ever after is truly a gorgeous thing to see.

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  1. Jenea Whittington

    Yes, please! Real, Raze, Ruthless King, in jeez, they all sound amazing!

    • Lover Of Romance

      Oh yes those are all great books!!! You would love all three of those. They are all amazing.

  2. The Book Disciple

    Oh I am so excited to read Raze now!! And I loved Remy and Brooke! Great picks!

    • Lover Of Romance

      YES….Raze is a book for you Samantha, I just know you will love it. And if you have the audible package its on there to listen, or I know it used to be on KU but not sure if it still is. So you should definitely grab it up.

      And Yay for another blogger that loves Remy and Brooke. So amazing and epic.

  3. Ann Lorz

    Sounds like a bunch of great couples. I really like this post and might have to steal it for my end of the year post!

  4. Michelle @ UndeniablyBookNerdy

    lucy and joshua from the hating game were hilarious and had the best banter and sexual tension! while some books i forget as soon as i finish reading them, not so with the hating game. i read it in 2016 and there were some scenes between these two that i can still see clearly in my mind.

  5. A Novel Glimpse

    I haven’t met any of these swoony couples yet. I guess I better get to it in 2018!

  6. Michele H

    Julius and Sarah…while the sexual tension was intense, their situation broke my heart. But I loved every minute of it! Josh & Lucy were awesome. One of the most fun books I read all year. 🙂 Remy and Brooke will *always* be one of my favorite pairings. Sigh… The only couple I’d add would be Nikki & Damien from J. Kenner’s Stark series. I just adore them together.

  7. Quinn's Book Nook

    I have not read ONE SINGLE ONE of these books! Although I am definitely interested in The Hating Game. But also nervous. I’m an idiot. 🙂



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