The Elite Romance 2018: Book Covers

The Elite Romance 2018: Book Covers

So Today we are discussing the best of the BEST book covers of books that I read this year. So this can include books published in 2018 but also published in previous years!! I just love a beautiful polished romance cover that makes you want to buy it because its so lovely!!! So here are my top picks for the year.

First off they are kissing in the rain!!! And even though I don’t always like beared men, on this male model its sexy as all get out.

There is so much detail to this cover, and if you really look at all the detail that connects to the book its AMAZING. Berkley has outdone themselves with these covers.

I find this cover so elegant, I love the soft baby blue colors being used, and her dress is so pretty.

I like both the old cover and the new cover. Its a shame what happened with the old cover since I adore the couple shot and it had such a romantic feel to it. But this author did a great job in finding a fantastic new artist for her covers.

I love the reissued cover of this one here!!! I love this author, and this book is one of my favorites from her. But the cover is breathtakingly gorgeous, I love how sensual it is and all the colors used. It has such a vibrant feel to it.

I love every cover that Sourcebooks has done for this author. I love how this cover just “sweeps you away”.

This is probably my favorite cover of the WHOLE series, which has grown quite a bit. Everything just fits together so well here.

This just has such a romantic feel to it here and I love how it has that “medieval” feel to it that really connects to the story.

I LOVE her dress and the backdrop and the sexy pose, like they can’t get enough of each other.

There is such a beautiful mix of colors used in this cover, Its just breathtaking!!! Of course all of Grace Draven’s books are so well done and put together. They are like authentic artwork.

HE IS SMOKING!! I think that is all I really need to say. He definitely takes good care of his body and I love his pose, so “cool and above it all” and what a sunset behind him.

Embers is so beautiful (and a fantastic book) I love the splashs of fire and the city in black and white.

This cover really connects to the book in such a real way. I love this one because of the black and white around most of the book, but at the center there is sparks of colors and I love the pose. Its like they are breathing what they have together inside of them and just living in the moment.

Avon did a great job with this cover, and it almost has a Christmas theme to it with the poinsetta’s. I love the way the heroine is holding onto the hero, like she can’t get enough of him.

This is such a pretty cover, it has the perfect summer feel to it. And I love the horses in the background. It has such a soft like quality to it and so ROMANTIC!!

Can I please have this cowboy for Christmas…because he is delicious. And after reading the book I love this cover even more. I love the winter feel to it, with the barn in this background and this tough cowoby holding a wreath and his confident pose.