The Elite Romance 2018: Audiobook Narrations

The Elite Romance 2018: Audiobook Narrations

I have fallen in love with audiobooks more than ever especially with Audible starting their new feature “the Romance Package” which includes thousands of audiobooks for a set price by month. I just LOVE this package so much, there are so many great books in this package both by traditional publishers and self published works as well. I was able to listen to some many goodies this year and just have to share my favorite narrations of the year.

This audiobook is narrated by Amanda Ronconi, Jonathan Davis and they both do such great work together. I love seeing them work so well together. Amanda narrates Molly Harper and she is superb especially when showing the personalities of the heroines in her books.

Tillie Hooper has become a personal favorite of mine over the past year, I just adore her work and she displays such wonderful inflections especially for a Kristen Ashley book. She really worked Wildest Dreams so flawlessly and I never wanted the narration to end.

This was my first Mariana Zapata and I am so glad that I listened to this. This author is famous for very very slow burn romances, so I am not sure how I would have handled reading it in a physical format, however, the narrator did a fabulous job with this book and got me hooked on this author.

This was my first Le Veque book and it definitely won’t be my last. Many of her books (although not all) are part of the Audible Romance Package and I am thrilled that I took a chance on this author. I can’t recommend this author enough but this book was narrated by Brad Wills who has become a personal favorite for male narrators especially in a historical romance. I love the way he narrates. There are many characters in this book, and he is so dynamic, its like listening to voices from a crowd, so well done.

Suzan Tisdale is a new author for me that I discovered this year and she is simply superb and I love the way she writes highlander romances. The narration is just so well done, especially in setting  up the story just right. Makes you wish you could travel in time.

Thea Harrison has become a favorite and even though I let this series go for a while, I got hooked again on this world that Harrison has created. Now the narrator for this book is Sophie Eastlake and she is one of my favorite female narrators to listen to. She just has a lovely voice to listen to and engages the listener so very well

So Sarah MacLean I do admire, and I love her as a person and yes some of her books just don’t work for me, but this book TOTALLY worked for me. I am not sure if it is because it was through narration or not, but this narrator did a great job with this book and had me laughing all the way through. Well Done!!!

I have only grabbed up this author through her audiobooks and I am so glad that I have. Even though the ending in this book was very unconventional for a romance, the narration as a whole was wisely portrayed in sensuality and vibrant emotion.

This was my first Laura Thalassa and it definitely won’t be my last book from her. I had a blast with this book so much, it can get pretty intense but the narrator for this book implemented some key elements that pulls the listener right into the story. Its not one you can easily put down and for a self published work so FANTASTIC!! One of the best I have ever read.

This was a more recent listen, and such a entertaining one at that. I just admire K. Bromberg and her books ALWAYS work for me. But man, the humor displayed in this book was very well done and I want to give the narrator a “high five” for this one, because she really portrayed all the best humor for this book.

Devney Perry has been on my list for quite a while, but when I saw that this book was in the package, I just knew that it was past time to read this author. And man, I had so much fun with this story. Very entertaining and filled me with all the happy feels.

The Demonica series is one I have been meaning to get to and I am so relieved that I grab this in audio format, because having it narrated really set up this world so well. I was fascinated by the world building that Cassandra Campbell shows to the listener here.