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Welcome to another book discussion here on Addicted To Romance! Today I want to share resources that have helped me with reading, blogging resources, and more!! This is a list of resources that I have used over the past five years!!

Goodreads—As I am sure many of you already use this wonderful book site…if you dont….you are missing out on one of the best book lover resources. There is so much that we can use on this site. I use it mostly for keeping track of my books that I have read, and my book wish lists. They have groups that help with new recommendations or discussing favorite authors and books. Then we have the Listopia which is an amazing resource if you are looking for new reads under a certaini trope, genre or type of setting. There are thousands of book lists. So I use this quite a bit for example if you are looking for the best pirate romances or top vampire themed romances and most of the time it will have at least a hundred or more.

Library Thing– I just adore this site, don’t use it as much as I would like. But I do have most of my reviews posted on here and if I need more detailed information on a book, this is my go to site.

Fiction DB–This I used quite a bit when I first started my blog. Back then Goodreads was just starting out, so there wasn’t that much available on it yet, and I hadn’t really started using it fully. But this site I used for getting sub genres on books I was reading, most of the time when reading historical romances and it would list the time periods and sub genres like if it had pirates, sheikhs, vikings and so forth.

Fantastic FictionThis is a site that I used to use and still ocassionaly use if there is a author that doesn’t have a website. Mostly for older authors. For Example : Johanna Lindsey. Even though she is still writing, she doesn’t do much in social media at all. So this works for me for authors that stay out of social media or authors that have stopped writing or have passed away before having a chance to set up a website. But its also great to get a good glance at series orders.

Heroes and Heartbreakers-This is such a great romance reading resource. It has many great spotlights on books, and author topic discussions as well. It is great for learning about the latest releases and romance book news.

RT Book Reviews– I use this for my magazine subscription. I like to get them in print, but you can get them for cheaper if you prefer it in digital. It has articles, and all the latest book releases and ratings of their reviewers. One of these days I will go to their yearly Conventions. Next year I believe its in Las Vegas.

Historical Romance Writers–This is a site I use mainly for discovering the time periods I am reading in. They have a fabulous detailed list for all the tropes and time periods. They also have many spotlights and a great community that are connected with them.

Fict Fact-This is awesome for discovering book releases and keeping track of your series.

Nose Graze-This is for any blogger…whether you use blogger or wordpress or use a self hosted site. Most of her services are for Self hosting, but her blog is a fabulous resource for any blogger in making blog improvement or how to handle writing reviews.

Parajunkee-I love going to her Bloggig Tips section. She does great with explaining on how to improve your audience, more commenting from readers, and how to build up followers through social media. She is frank with any topic she discusses which I love about her.

Avon Romance–This is a wonderful site for Avon lovers. I have been a fan of Avon publishing for many years. In fact, they are one of the oldest publishing companies for romance fiction. They used to be just for historical romance, but over the past 4-5 years, they have expanded to all genres of romance. They even have published some teen romance novels too!! Its a great site for getting the latest news on latest releases.

Harlequin–I love Harlequin, and many of their books I have fallen in love with. This site is quite extensive, probably the best publishing house website.

Canva–This is great for website design. Its free and I use this quite a bit. There are some things you have to pay for like certain images, but the actual use of building banners and headers and such—is all free. They have many tutorials to help out when you first start.

Fresh Fiction–This is a fun site for romance book lovers. They have many reviews on the latest books of the year and its a great way to find new books to try out.

Questions For My Readers:

Have you used any of these resources? 

What are you top favorite blogging or book resources to use? 

7 thoughts on “Tea & Biscuits Book Discussions: Resources Galore!!

  1. Renee, I have been a member of Goodreads for a number of years and I have virtual bookshelves. It’s invaluable for keeping a track of the books I’ve read, those to be read, new releases from favourite authors, recommendations, books received for review and I also have a wish list on there.

    I used to use Fantastic Fiction to check on new releases from favourite authors

    I also follow Heroes and Heartbreakers and especially like their ‘First Look’ posts if they relate to books I’m thinking of reading.

    I’m interested in finding out more about the Historical Romance Writers’ site. It sounds like a useful reference source.

    1. Goodreads is amazing right? I love how easy it is to track my books and find new releases. You should check out Historical Romance Writers—its pretty fun and a great resource for historical romance book lovers.

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