Tea & Biscuits Book Discussion: Queens Of Historical Romance


Over the years I have read many many books in historical romance, and romance novels in general, but I have yet to see a book that compares to those Queen of Historical romance that really set the stage for so many wonderful books that have come out in this genre. I have had the opportunity, to have been reading this genre for over ten years, to see how these authors have influences this genre is many different ways. Today I wanted to share my love and passion for certain authors that are QUEENS of Historical Romance and some of the best writers that have ever written.

Johanna Lindsey

Warrior's WomanI have such a love for this author, and those that have read her in the past especially when she was so popular, know exactly why. She knew how to write Historical Romance to the core of autenticity, realism and historical events and create compelling romances that pull you in. I first read her many years ago, the first book I picked up from her was Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey, which is quite tame compared to many of her other books. This is one of her few pirate themed romances. The hero is a bit of a pirate/lord. Gentle Rogue is a series of one family, and so well done. It has a regency theme to it so many fans that love recent historical romance releases would really enjoy Gentle Rogue and the other books in the series. I don’t know if the series is actually finished, since the latest release of it came out only a couple of years ago and she has worked on other books too. Now we do have some of her other books that I love just as much but are much more darker and gritty than the Malory Family is. She has done a sci fi themed romance which is different really from any other sci fi romance I have read. Mostly because the world that we see in those books you can relate with more warrior like historical people like medieval era’s or the vikings. Although the third book in that Ly San Ter family, does take place in modern era of earth—which is the closest she has ever come to contemporary romance. She has a viking series–The Haardrad Family which while Fires of Winter is my favorite book—all three books are pretty hard to read for quite a few. They aren’t easy or light hearted at all, in fact there are some issues like kidnapping and slavery aspects that would really push some to their limits. However I never had a problem with them. Mostly because even though she tackles tough subjects, they are subjects that are real to the time period and she doesn’t sugar coat anything. She has quite a few other series that involves Russian royals, westerns, scottish highlands, southern belles and medieval knights of England. She has covered quite a few sub genres that can be a blast to read.

Kathleen Woodiwiss The Wolf and the Dove

This is such a wonderful author, and her style although a bit similar to Lindsey—is very much different. There is so much I love too about Kathleen Woodiwiss, and she didn’t write as many as I am sure she would have liked before she passed away. Which I have yet to read her last novel because then I have to admit there are no more books coming from her. Don’t worry…I will eventually get to her I just have no idea when that will be. My first book that I fell in love with was The Wolf and the Dove which is AMAZING!! Its a story that takes place in Medieval Europe, we are dealing with the Normans and the Saxons. I just adored this book in so many ways, and man this author really opened me up to quite a bit of history, which was quite fascinating and this book was one of my first romances. Some of others are still my favorites such as Petals On The River, Flame and the Flower, and Rose In Winter. There are quite a few sub genres that Woodiwiss covered, mostly medieval, regency and southern belle themes. She is one of the most highly respected authors to write in this genre,

Bertice Small

KadinNow Bertrice Small, is quite a wonderful romance authors and even though I haven’t had a chance to read all of her books, I have loved what I have read so far. I remember I first discovered her years ago, and I fell in love with the detail and what a talented author she was. For many of her books, especially her early ones like Kadin, she spent years on those novels doing “research” she was the type of author that needed all the details to be just right. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of Kadin, because the ending was not a HEA for the couple involved, I LOVED the history and she made the world of that book just come alive. This author passed away last year, but created a long list of amazing books that any romance lover can enjoy!! I love her writing and the powerful characters she has created over the years. If I were to recommend any HR author, she would be at the top of the list for sure!! The most famous and popular and well liked are the O Malley Family Saga, and The Border Chronicles (at least for me) However, for all those Bertrice Small Fans out there…what are some of your favorites that you love to read?

Stephanie Laurens Devil's Bride

Now I can’t tell you how much I love and adore Stephanie Laurens and I have really lost track of her books, I believe one of them that I read a few years back wasn’t very engaging for me so I put her aside, but I have been wanting to pick her up again, and maybe just re read all of my old favorites so I can reconnect with again. But Stephanie Laurens has been writing since the 90’s, so for quite a while. Her Cynster family series is my all time favorites to read from her!! She is simply fantastic and man this family is AWESOME—so many fun rakes and hellions. I really loved how she wrote this family in the regency era. They are the type of family that even though I read those books so many years ago, I still recall what fun I had with each book and what I loved most about them. What I really admired about these books, was the characters. They are what make these books so great and fabulous to read. Strong willed heroes and heroines and just fit so wonderfully together.

Lisa Kleypas

Devil In WinterNow I have so much love about Kleypas, she is simply one of the best to read, both her older and newer books are just amazing. I really love what she has written and there are so many books that I love from this author I honestly can’t contain my excitement. Have you read her? If you have NOT read her, SHAME on you haha No like seriously, if you like Historical Romance, she is a must read. Her most popular series is The Wallflowers—which this series alone just proves of her writing talent. Because each book in that series is unique to the characters and she can make a character you don’t like into one you love. Some of my other favorites are Lady Sophia’s Lover which was my first introduction into this author. But I also have enjoyed, Dreaming Of You, Tempt Me At Twilight and Because You’re Mine.

Julie Garwood

Now Julie Garwood is most famous for her medieval and highlander Ransomromances!! She is simply fantastic and even though she doesn’t write historical romance anymore, what she has written is simply amazing. They are the type of stories you can re read over and over. What I have loved about this author is how well she can balance how history, romance and humor in her books. The heroes especially are so funny, and the heroines are strong willed enough to handle them. What is fun about these books is they aren’t super dark or angsty either. So they can fit any mood you really have.