Tea And Bisquits Book Discussions: Goodreads Organization

While over the holidays, as I was recharging, and renewing for the start of the new year, one of my goals was to work on Goodreads more. When I first started my blog five years ago, is when I also discovered Goodreads. I used to spend all my spare time I could on it. I fell in love with it, and to this day I still love it but the past couple of years I have been neglecting it more than I would like. My shelves have definitely grown over the years, but I wanted to make a goal to clean up my shelves and reorganize them. The past few months I have seen a more frequent amount of articles in various ways to do this. I knew that I had to decide on my own way of organizing my shelves. I felt like this was pretty important, considering how much I rely on these shelves. I wanted to make it easier to find the books I wanted.

The past week I have been working on reorganizing my shelves and transferring my titles to those new and more organized shelves. There were certain shelves I was able to keep the same due to the process of the way I decided to organize my shelves. So I wanted to show you all my process to organizing my shelves. I am still in the process of completing it, but I have finished on the groupings of the various shelves. So I wanted to show what I have done with them.

So the first thing I did, was to rename my genre shelves. I wanted to relabel them so it was more organized. As you can see, I have a distinction under Genre. I have various head labels for each shelf name.



My Next Head Label was under Characters. This has been so fun to do. For example if I am looking for a story where there are spies that the Main characters play then I can look it up quickly. Or I want to find were bears…..sea captains….or governess’s. I definitely have noticed a difference, because at times I am looking for a certain type of story with a character theme. As you can sese I don’t have many books yet under these, since these are all brand new and I am still attempting to reorganize all of my books. Which I know is a daunting task to take on, but will be so worth it in the end. As you notice, they are pretty detailed a bit. Which is what I was wanting to do.




My next step was the time setting. I knew there were various ways in doing the labels for this. I was inspired by the list of time periods from Historical Romance Writers site. What I decided to do, was I wanted to organize it by various time periods of course. But I also wanted to organize it by location and the various era’s for each location. These labels are also brand new, but you can see the way I have organized these out.


The next step I did, was deciding on a setting label. I love this one quite a bit, so that I can see what books I have organzied by locale. This is a great step to do, so that if your looking for a certain setting…you can quickly find what you are in the mood for.


The next step to this process, was having generalized topics. This is a list of shelves, that are various terms of what I like to read.


What I wanted to do next was to organize my books by Trope or also known as cliche. These labels are what bring a conflict to a story, or draw a couple together. I love tropes and I am still working on this a bit, but I realized that sometimes I like to look for a certain book with a theme. Whether it’s a kidnapping theme, second chance romance or those fun fairy tale retelling’s.



The last thing I did was make a grouping of the publishing year. This can really help when you are looking for a certain year. I don’t have all the years of time listed hehe jeez that would take forever to do. No, I just have shelves that go back to ’97. Then I have a shelf for books published before that year. That way if I am looking for a older romance, I can find it where I can easily find it. Its a great way to work on those back listed books.


The last thing I was able to do was get rid of my duplicates….which I don’t even know why I had those, or how that even happened, but I decided to get rid of those and clean up my shelves a bit. I wanted to do this before I started transferring all my books, that way I didn’t have to transfer duplicates as well.

I am a person that love being organized, so it only makes sense that I would do it with my Goodreads since I rely on it so much. So why is it so important to keep your shelves organized? The answer to this question is a very personal one. Each person is different in how they add books to their shelves. However if you are a organized person like myself, than this is very useful. It makes it much more efficient and its a great way to shelve your books.

Questions For My Readers 

So what about you? What do you think about having  your shelves organized on Goodreads?

If you are planning on reorganizing your Shelves—-which ways are you going to do it?

If you already have your shelves organized in your own way….how do you do it? I want to hear about it.