Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Tips for Authors

  1. Have confidence in your writing–You need to believe in your storytelling and it will show up in your books and your readers will see that confidence and gobble your stories up
  2. Invest in a cover artist–I know that getting a pretty cover can be pricey, but if you are going self-publishing, this is KEY. Most readers will gravitate towards a book if the cover is pretty and well polished.
  3. Have your book narrated or read aloud–this is a tip I heard from some multiple narrator interviews and definitely wanted to share it if you don’t know about it. When it comes to good book editing, the best way to see the tiny errors or meaning in your stories, have your book read aloud. There are things you will see in its narration format over physical format that even multiple editors won’t be able to see. And there might even be phrases that will be portrayed differently to the listener if its in narration format over reading a physical format.
  4. Acting Classes for Dialogue–this may seem silly but its definitely something that can help you out in your dialogue. When learning how to act in plays or musicals, you will notice that the dialogue is key to entertaining an audience and this is where you will learn the key elements to pulling in your readers with a dialogue that is smart and well polished.
  5.  Research-For any type of world you build, it needs to have well-researched world building. Whether its fantasy, historical, paranormal or even contemporary….you need to show your reader the world you are creating through detail and well thought out descriptions. It needs to be a world that will immerse the reader but have the balance of not distracting the reader too much.