Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Regency and Victorian Series–My Top Picks Part One.

For years I have loved reading this sub genre in historical romance and I wanted to share my favorite series in this genre. Most of the them are not recently released, but they are some of the best romances ever to be written in historical romance!! So pay attention boys and girls and get your one click buttons ready. The list is a bit long though (I have read a whole lot in this topic) so I will probably do two parts since there are so many I love and want to share. So look forward to next week being part two.

Victorian Rebels 

This series is very recent, and I have no idea how long this author plans on making it. But I really wanted to mention it, because it has been a while since I have loved a regency themed series. This author is spectacular, and she really reminds me of Lisa Kleypas or Samantha James. Emotional read, great historic detail and page turners!!! This series involves a group of men that all of them have worked on the wrong side of the law…bad boys of regency really!! Rakes and alpha males and delectable to read. Highly recommend. These books are vibrant and real and written in the way romance should be written.

Royal Brotherhood Trilogy 

This is a trilogy that is fantastic, and one of the first group of books I read in the Regency/Victorian theme. Sabrina Jeffries is a author that knows how to write this genre in such a way that leaves the readers spellbound, and this trilogy is one of my favorites to read from her. It features three brothers who are all bastards of the Prince (who was well known of having sex with any pretty female). These three form a brotherly bond even though they never grew up together. Each of them have various circumstances and each story written is simply beautiful and well written. I loved all three so much, but probably Byrne’s story is my favorite!! I wanted to include the stepbacks because they are gorgeous and I love them. Enjoy.

Swanlea Spinsters

Can you tell I love Sabrina Jeffries—well this is another trilogy, that I fell in love with. This series features three sisters, and the rogues they fall in love with. But we also get two new characters that are connected with the sisters and we get their story!!  The second book was one of the first historical romances I ever read and I was hooked on what Sabrina Jeffries brings us. Each book is different from the others, unique and full of adventure and mystery. Fully engaging and beautifully written.


Willow Pond 

This is a trilogy from Gayle Callen, that features three sisters and all three of them are forced to find means of work. Each story is sweet and charming and Callen is so engaging. Each of these books are so endearing and I love reading these books every chance I get.

The Lord Trilogy 

oh my…what fun this trilogy is!! Yes another trilogy from Jeffries ( I really LOVE her older books) and back then she tended to go with smaller groups of related books. Which can be nice in some ways. Now first I want to say that each book here is fantastic. But my favorite book of the series is definitely Pirate Lord. It rocks!! Everything about it is fabulous and I can’t cheer enough for what Jeffries has done with these three books and how they are all related to each other. I love the witty humor and the entertaining engagements we see happen.

Lost Lords of Pembrook 

Lorraine Heath is a queen in historical romance and when writing this set of books, she rocked it!!! It features three young brothers who are held by their uncle against their will. They manage to escape and end up separated, and find their way to getting their inheritance back to them. Each book is unique and packed with fantastic characters that melt your heart.

Maiden Lane Series 

This series is so wonderful and I love what Hoyt has done with it so far!! It features a setting in the late 1700’s dealing with espionage, dukes and rebels, street pirates and characters of great spirit and integrity and doing what is right. Each book is packed with mystery, danger and passion!! Lively and sensual.

Malory-Anderson Family Saga 

This series is pretty big, and some of my all time favorite books reside in this series. Johanna Lindsey is the queen of historical romance, but this series is pretty much for every romance lover (some of her other books aren’t—she gets very historically realistic and its not everyone’s cup of tea) however this series is fabulous and is a must read for everyone that loves this setting and sub genre in historical romance!! This family is rowdy and the men are rakes of the highest order and the women are passionate and strong willed and equal to their men in every way!! Each story is fun and easy going and filled with great witty humor you can’t get enough of. We begin the the streets of London and the series goes to the life on the seas to islands and exotic locales. This series is also a great way to get started with Johanna lindsey. These books are probably some of her lighter and more easy going of her stories but rich with history and romance.

30 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Regency and Victorian Series–My Top Picks Part One.

  1. Some of my favourite series there! I’ll be reading The Highwayman this month and my expectations are certainly high.

  2. I am still pretty new to the historical romance genre, so I haven’t read a lot of books in that genre yet, especially not the older ones. These all sound like great series and I will keep this post in mind for when I am looking to add a few more historicals to my to-read list

  3. I can see that I have some catching up to do. I’ve got the Maiden Lane and Lost Lords on my list. The Kerrigan Bryne series looks good. So many good historicals. Who knows when I’ll get to these?
    I always think I read a lot of historical romance until I see lists of so many I haven’t touched yet. LOL

  4. I’ve read all of these except for the Malory-Anderson series and the most recent Kerrigan Byrne book. I adore Sabrina Jeffries and her Royal Brotherhood trilogy is probably one of my favorites. I also have a soft spot for her Hellions of Halstead Hall books. Yes, yes, yes for Lorraine Heath and Elizabeth Hoyt! They are both so fabulous! I read the Gayle Callen trilogy a long time ago during my first historical romance binge and I know that I liked them, but I don’t remember much else. Isn’t the hero in the third book blind? I’m feeling a re-read coming…

  5. I was just remarking that I wish I could get into historical romances, perhaps I haven’t found the right one. Maybe I will have to try one From your list.

  6. One of my favorites is Amanda Quick Arcane Society Series that begins with Second Sight. It weaves mystery, paranormal elements and suspense into a historical setting..ooh with a dish of romance!

  7. I use to love reading historical’s but don’t as much as I use to. I’m so picky about what I like. Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorites.

    1. Lindsey is pretty fabulous right? I am more picky about historical’s too, so many of the authors that write them now, write them so fluffy and unrealistic and give off a too contemporary feeling.

  8. Great list! So many awesome books and authors. I adored Sabrina Jeffries, but I started with the Hellions of Halstead Hall series and haven’t had a chance to go through the backlist yet. And yes Lorraine Heath! I love her Scoundrels of St. James series (: Oh and Maiden Lane! Yes, please!

    I love Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series and Tessa Dare’s Castle Ever After. Such cute fluffy HR fun!

    1. Thanks!! I love Jeffries and Heath, they will always be my two favorite HR authors to read. I love the Bridgertons…the whole family is so fun to read but I also like that its not too light either. But I will admit I am not a fan of Castle Ever after, its too contemporary for me and too fluffy for a HR. But I do love her Spindle Cover series. But the Bridgertons are going to be on my list for next week for part two. Have you tried Johanna Lindsey?

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