Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Pioneer’s Day

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So today I want to discuss in honor of a holiday we celebrated this past week “Pioneer’s Day” is the love of old western romance novels and to showcase some of my favorites. And as I am doing a buddy read of a western historical “Outlaw Hearts” by Rosanne Bittner, it has made me realize how much I have loved reading this setting and era over the years. There is a reason this genre has been so popular over the years. There is such toughness and grit that you can find in these novels, and most of the time what I also adore is that rarely is it ever sugar coated. You see the realism and I so appreciate that.

So here are some novels I want to showcase that have become so beloved over the years and ones I can’t recommend enough.

I just love this book so dearly and I have to say Jenkins does an incredible job in showcasing the “west” as it should be shown. I love these strong characters and the “wagon train” theme and its probably one of my favorite titles this author has written.

This is an author I admire so MUCH!!! And I love this BOOK so much. She really handles the toughness of the wild west so perfectly and draws you into a story so effortlessly.

I gotta feature this one here, because its one of my top reads….and its BRILLIANT!! I don’t think I could recommend this book or the series enough. Jake and Randy are a couple that have to overcome so much and Bittner doesn’t sugar coat anything.

I truly have loved this book and this author. She is so underrated in my opinion. She creates such magic in this book.

This is a book that EVERYONE must read. There is so much beauty this author creates in this story, and I loved every moment of it. I especially loved the marriage of convenience here or is it ‘arranged marriage” it could technically be considered both. LOL But its a gem!!

This is a GOOD book and really the whole series are must reads and can you believe its a male author that wrote these? The heroine is badass.

This is an incredible read here. And this family is so heartwarming and captivates you so dearly. There is something magical about these older books from this author.

This is an incredible saga and I just adored seeing this author write historical romance and love seeing these sisters battle through such adversity and find such happiness in the end.

Have you read American Western Historicals? If so, What Do You Love Most About them? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!!