Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: No Disclaimers Book Tag

Welcome to the feature “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions” where every monday we get together to talk about issues in the bookish community and our love of books and romance.…

So today I wanted to participate in the No Disclaimers Book Tag….this will allow you to get to know my preferences for books a little bit better.

I found the intro from Undeniably Book Nerdy which I wanted to share with you on the origins of the book tag.

Hello everyone,
I love this book tag because it forces you to answer the questions without explaining why you chose the book–hence, “no disclaimers.” The original video seemed to have been deleted so unfortunately I can’t link the creator. But, however came up with this super fun tag, thank you!

1). Which trope (or tropes) in books, annoy you the most?

I am one of those readers that enjoy the majority of most tropes, I am not super picky about them. However, there is only one that I steer away from which is one of the primary reason why I avoid anything YA….LOVE TRIANGLES. Now in some historical romance, I don’t mind them because you know who the main players are and how the story will end. But when its the equal three way love triangle where you don’t know who will end up together…these are too full of drama and no worth the anxiety.

2). Which writer or writers do you feel are overrated/overhyped?

Karen Marie Moning, Colleen Hoover, E.L. James.

3). What are your least favorite books you’ve read, since you started blogging?

4). A terrible ending, that ruined an otherwise quality book?

5.)Which couple in a romance novel do you wish didn’t end up together?

I really didn’t like the heroine in this book at all and the hero was so good hearted and kind and patient and she was such a shrew at times and always seemed to be putting him down. I think he deserved better.

6). What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

Cracked Spined or missing pages in books

7). What are some books you feel should have more recognition?

 There are so many but I think most historical romance need more recognition. I think its a genre in romance that tends to be forgotten too much. I would love to list all my underrated books that I would list here. But there are way too many. But if you are curious what my lists would be check out my tag: Book Love

8). What are your thoughts on censorship, and banning books?

I think its SO ridiculous, I don’t think there should be any books that should be banned. Knowledge is power and the written word is powerful and should never be denied to anyone.

9). Who do you tag?

Any romance reader lovers out there