Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Listen Up! Audiobooks


What I want to discuss today is the joy of listening to audiobooks. There are many pros and cons to listening to audiobooks but the pros far outweigh the cons. I fell in love with listening to audiobooks about five years ago. I had eye surgery for a detached retina, and for a month I couldn’t strain my eye. So there was no reading allowed—-WORST month ever!! hehe I used to listen to audiobooks when I was a teen but fell away from it till five years ago and the only books I could read were audiobooks. And what gems I found and I got hooked on audiobooks. And now I listen to them all of the time.

There are many certain aspects of listening to audiobooks that are so fun. There are many reasons why I love listening to audiobooks. One is that if I ever fear or worry about getting into a book….I know that listening to a audiobook will be a good way to go. I have yet to listen to an audiobook where I had a hard time getting interested in the story. Also I love being able to really immerse myself in a story, and listening to a narration can add something more to the experience. Most especially fun when you are listening to a narrator that you love the most. Especially if they are great at character inflections…really adds more depth to a story. Most of the time I prefer female narrators but there are one or two male ones I like. But I feel that women handle character personalities more effectively for audiobooks than their male counterparts…but I could be wrong. I can picture the story more fully when I am listening to an audiobook. I love being able to listen while doing chores around the house, or walking, working out, or even coloring or even while I am at work for the first few hours of my shift.


Favorite Narrators: 

Rebecca Cook

Juanita Parker

Alison Fraser

Elizabeth Wiley

Renee Raudman

Patrick Lawlor

Favorite Audiobooks To Listen To: 

Dark ChallengeDark Of NightNo Choice But SeductionPride & PassionThe SecretTemptedUnleashed-Humphreys

Questions For My Readers: 

What Are Your Favorite Audiobooks to Listen to?

Do you have a few personal favorite narrators that you love listening to any time day or night?