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What I want to discuss today is the joy of listening to audiobooks. There are many pros and cons to listening to audiobooks but the pros far outweigh the cons. I fell in love with listening to audiobooks about five years ago. I had eye surgery for a detached retina, and for a month I couldn’t strain my eye. So there was no reading allowed—-WORST month ever!! hehe I used to listen to audiobooks when I was a teen but fell away from it till five years ago and the only books I could read were audiobooks. And what gems I found and I got hooked on audiobooks. And now I listen to them all of the time.

There are many certain aspects of listening to audiobooks that are so fun. There are many reasons why I love listening to audiobooks. One is that if I ever fear or worry about getting into a book….I know that listening to a audiobook will be a good way to go. I have yet to listen to an audiobook where I had a hard time getting interested in the story. Also I love being able to really immerse myself in a story, and listening to a narration can add something more to the experience. Most especially fun when you are listening to a narrator that you love the most. Especially if they are great at character inflections…really adds more depth to a story. Most of the time I prefer female narrators but there are one or two male ones I like. But I feel that women handle character personalities more effectively for audiobooks than their male counterparts…but I could be wrong. I can picture the story more fully when I am listening to an audiobook. I love being able to listen while doing chores around the house, or walking, working out, or even coloring or even while I am at work for the first few hours of my shift.


Favorite Narrators: 

Rebecca Cook

Juanita Parker

Alison Fraser

Elizabeth Wiley

Renee Raudman

Patrick Lawlor

Favorite Audiobooks To Listen To: 

Dark ChallengeDark Of NightNo Choice But SeductionPride & PassionThe SecretTemptedUnleashed-Humphreys

Questions For My Readers: 

What Are Your Favorite Audiobooks to Listen to?

Do you have a few personal favorite narrators that you love listening to any time day or night?

9 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Listen Up! Audiobooks

  1. I only really started listening to audio books last year. I listened to about a half dozen and have already doubled that this year. I connect to the written page better than with my hearing and I find it hard to focus. I really didn’t think audio was for me until I listened to Outlander being narrated by Davina Porter. A 32 hour book and I was hooked each time I turned it on. Chores became less chore-ish and I loved having the book there in the kitchen with me making up meals. Now, I’ve listened to several others still prefer to listen during chores and Davina Porter is still my favorite narrator. I love men narrating my military romantic suspenses. There are usually more male characters and they get them right especially the action scenes. Lorelei King is good for Urban Fantasy, too.

  2. I’ve listened to a few audiobooks and haven’t been wildly impressed. I do think the narrator was a factor. I also found mysteries are difficult to follow via audio but I have some fantasy and romance books to try. Audiobooks are a great solution for anyone with eyesight or literacy issues, plus they’re convenient for commutes and running errands.

  3. Oh my goodness, a month without books? That’s torture! But what a way to get into a new love of books. I have recently been introduced to audiobooks and I have to say, I am in loooove! I never thought I would be able to get in to them, but nothing beats a good audiobook when you have a day full of chores and errands to run!

  4. I love audiobooks too! I listen to them while driving/walking to work and doing chores. I also just got one of those coloring books you mentioned in an earlier post and have been listening while coloring lately. My favorite narrrators are Amanda Ronconi, Davina Porter, Justine Eyre, Susan Erickson, Jim Dale, and Luke Daniels. I am currently listening to The Martian in audio and I highly recommend it. Makes it easier to get through all the science stuff.

  5. I haven’t listened to audiobooks yet, but I do plan to give them a try eventually. It sounds interesting how a narrator can really add something to a book and it seems like such a different way to experience a book. But I just feel like I rather would read than listen to a story, but nevertheless I do want to give audiobooks a try once and see what i think of them.

  6. I listen to audiobooks when I drive to and from work. And there are times when I stay in my car an extra five minutes so I can finish the chapter 😉
    I agree with you that some female narrators are really good at doing both male and female voices, whereas some male narrators just sound weird when they do a squeaky, female voice. You should definitely check out Sebastian York, though, he’s amazing!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

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