Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Holiday Romances

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This discussion was inspired by a twitter chat that was happening over the weekend “#readRChat” which happens at the first of every month which is such fun. But we were talking holiday romances. And I know with the end of the year awards I do in December, that I wanted to get this discussion going on. So why is holiday romances so popular? Now this time of year we see numerous amounts of Christmas themed books (which don’t get me wrong I LOVE dearly) and with it being November and being the month of Thanksgiving. I wanted to talk about general holiday romances…..which ones I love the most in seeing and what holiday’s I want to see more of and why exactly I love holiday romances so much.

So my first holiday romance was written a (Christian/Latter Day Saint) author Anita Stansfield and this was such a beautiful book….”A Christmas Melody” and I love rereading her Christmas books every year ever since I was like 15. That is when I started reading Christian romance before I discovered Adult romance novels. But this book holds a special place in my heart. Its December in Utah our hero Matthew is going to college for his Law degree and he meets our heroine “Melody” who is struggling with some difficult challenges. Its a mix of rags to riches/unrequited love. Matthew knows Melody is the woman for him, but convincing her to take a chance and trust in him isn’t an easy task. This is one of the most heartfelt stories I have ever read. We see the beauty of the Christmas spirit, the strong family bonds and healing that comes with this love story that is empowering.

From the moment I picked up this book got me hooked on the magic of the Christmas season and ever since I have ADORED Christmas themed settings. Now when you say “Holiday” I really think of just this time of year. From November till January. The winter season is what I think of. So we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Now I would love to see books set in other seasons like Easter and Fourth of July (American Holiday) but what is most common is Christmas. And I would love to see other faiths like Judaism for Hannukah and many others too. I am lucky in that my faith (I am LDS-Mormon) has its own publishing houses and has quite a good selection of romance fiction actually and many good Christmas books but I know many people that don’t have that. So I would love to see authors explore more in other faiths, cultures, and traditions.

Now in historical romance we definitely see how the Christmas season has changed over the years. Now its so commercialized but when you read a historical romance, you definitely see the different traditions that they had back in other time periods and how this season has always been full of magic and deep emotion. There is something that connects us on a more spiritual level (no matter your personal beliefs) when we talk and see these Christmas or Winter themed stories come alive.

Here is a link to my favorites in the Holiday Romance category. So check them out to see which ones I love the most.

So tell me what was your first book that got you hooked on holiday romance? Which holidays would you like to see more of? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!!