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Happy Endings are one of the main reasons I read romance, its almost a guarantee that there will be a happy ever after type ending. If there is ever a sad ending or a big cliffhanger at the end of a romance, I really struggle with it. Because its not something I ever expect in a romance novel. Its my least favorite aspect, and thankfully it doesn’t happen very often. There are many ways that a ending works for me. I have to have a feeling of satisfaction, that feeling that the ending just completes the whole reading experience and gives you that happy feeling and you just want to either do a dance and have that full satisfying feeling. There are some endings that are more happily ever after feeling or a happy for now. I definitely prefer a HEA feeling over a HFN. Probably because its more permenent and I like to think that this couple I read, seeing their conflict and struggles, the growth and learning of falling in love, that they keep that feeling alive for the rest of their lives. I don’t know about some of you, but I never think about death, disease or divorce, probably because it would just depress me and take the fun out of reading romance.

What is a must is having a ending that marks a happy feeling where the couple is concerned. There are many different variations to a ending, and I love epilogues. It just adds that finishing touch to a story. Epilogue’s most of the time, are seeing the couple at a latter date. Sometimes we see it sooner or sometimes its years later. Both are quite fun to read and I always look forward to the ending. In fact, in many books, its that finishing touch that is what I love the most at times. In romance, the ending can differ depending on the circumstances, setting and genre. Most of the books I have read have been historical and most of the endings in historical’s are my favorite to read.

Now there are various endings that can end happily and on a positive note. One of my favorite is the “labor scene”. You most see these in historical romance and its always so fun to read too. What I love most, is seeing the hero go against what was “standard” of the culture. In history, the husbands were NEVER allowed to be with their wives while giving birth to their children. Which is just appalling to me, because quite frankly, my husband better be there or I am not having kids. He helped make them, he needs to atleast be there so I can hold his hand or Squeese as hard as I can. Some of my favorite memories of reading historical romance, is certain endings where the first baby is a girl. And I love it when the hero is happy about it, which usually shocks the heroine because of the culture of the time…since boys were most wanted.

Another type of favorite, is seeing the couple…maybe 3-5 years down the road. They may have a couple kids or you see a big family interaction–(series based on a big family) or even a group of friends and seeing their interaction with each other. One of my favorite epilogues is the  Prince trilogy by Sabrina Jeffries. In the final book, that epilogue to this day still makes me laugh. This scene is where the main characters of the book Byrne and Christabel, have been together for five years (I think), they have two children and are to meet with Byrne’s half brothers. But they get distracted by kissing in a alcove and love the reaction when they come downstairs.

So, Byrne, did you and Christabel get lost on the way down? Perhaps we should send you a floor plan for next time. The drawing room is the one that doesn’t have a bed

I love endings that can give you a smile even years after reading the book. Those are some of my favorite moments. There are so many fun times that happen with these endings, and to this day I always look forward to my endings. Whether they are amusing, sweet, romantic, or tender.

Questions For My Readers: 

What do you like most about endings? 

Do you love Happy Endings and why? 

Do you have a personal favorite type of ending?