Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Favorite Romance Couples

I love a solid couple but there are some special couples out there that really stay with you sometimes you just find them in one book or in a long series of books but no matter the length—they are memorable and become your favorites to read!! So today I wanted to discuss my top favorite couples that I have discovered over the past ten years of reading romance.

♥Jake and Miranda♥

Now I adore these two and they have the type of epic love you just want to cheer for when they experience triumphs and grieve along side them through their sorrows and do a little dance through the happy times. These two are simply wonderful together. In Book One, Jake is lonely and a wanted man with a painful past. This book covers 26 years of their marriage, we see how they struggle to find some peace together despite the forces that are working against them. We see a son and a daughter they raise. In Book two, Jake is a U.S. Marshall and Jake and Miranda experience some painful moments that cement their relationship. In the third book they settle in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

♥Sebastian and Evie♥ 

Now these two are simply amazing together. It starts out as a marriage of convenience. Sebastian is a scoundrel and a rake. He is desperate to repair the funds his gambling father lost. Evie is painfully shy, stutters and has lives years under abuse from her uncles. But she has inner strength and goes to Sebastian with a offer he can’t refuse. So they get married and come back to London to Evie’s fathers gambling hell. These two at first have a angsty start but it soon changes. Both characters change in positive ways and Kleypas did a brilliant job in writing this couple. She turns a character into a man you don’t like into one you can’t help but love in the end. These two are simply fantastic and I love the way they slowly fall in love with each other.

Devil In Winter

♥Cooper and Grace♥ 

This is a couple from the Psy Changeling series by Nalini Singh. First off Singh has done a brilliant job with this series. I read this book a few months ago and I am still in love with these two and probably have re read this book a couple times over already. hehe Yeah I was hooked on this pair and is the most unique and well balanced couple and having a novella with such depth for a couple only Nalini Singh could handle. Now our hero Cooper is a dominant male—a very dominant male even some of the more dominant females would have a hard time with his dominance. Our heroine is a submissive wolf—more submissive than most. These two are on the opposite side of the spectrum so how on earth could they make a mating work?? Well first off Cooper is very patient and understanding of Grace and her reservations. But the chemistry is powerful between them and they eventually find a way to balance their relationship in such a perfect way.

Declaration of Courtship

♥Raphael and Cynthia♥ 

Raphael and Cynthia are simply wonderful and their relationship has a rocky start. What with our hero being a vampire—the most powerful and a human woman who tends to be a bit reckless. But they somehow make the perfect relationship work. They fight for each other, and support each other in the ways that truly matter. Cynthia is no weakling, she may be human but she is tough as nails. I love her strength and fighting spirit and you see how much her love for Raphael strengthens her. They first fall in love in Raphael and through the series you see the different circumstances these two have to struggle through. In Deception, we see where their relationship is truly tested. If you have yet to read this couple—you need to snatch these up!!


♥Dimitri and Skyler♥

Dimitri and Skyler is a couple I was super excited for and it took years of waiting before they got a book. Skyler was rescued by a carpathian couple Gabriel and Francesca, they bonded to a girl that had suffered through beatings, rape and horrible circumstances. Then when she turns eighteen in “Dark Celebration” she meets her lifemate Dimitri. But Skyler is not even near ready to be a lifemate. Its the last thing she wants—she still suffers from horrible nightmares of her past and she doesn’t think she could be capable of being intimate with anyone. But a few years past, she goes to school, builds friendships with other Carpathian kids, and Dimitri “dates” her a bit, spending time with her and her family. Not rushing her in any way. But they have a powerful mental connection to each other. In Dark Wolf, Dimitri is captured and being tortured to death. And only Skyler with her two friends Paul and Josef go about rescuing him when their own people keep the truth from them and more concerned about politics than doing what is right. But Skyler refuses to give up on her lifemate and this is where she truly grows into herself and overcomes her past. Dimitri is solid, and one of my favorite Carpathians. At first, he is very dominant in Dark Celebration, but we see how he suffers right along with her—he sees in her mind the depravity of acts that were committed against her and it almost breaks him. So these two definitely go through some trials and hardships but they also have some great happy moments

Dark Wolf

♥Graeme and Eveline♥

Graeme and Eveline are one of the best couples I have read in HR—and Maya Banks did a brilliant job with these two. Eveline is deaf, but most think she is mad. The king orders a marriage between herself and the Laird of a rival clan. So they are forced to marry. Eveline is such a wonderful heroine. She is open and honest and kind. She doesn’t let the past interfere with trying to build a new life. But the clan is not welcome to having her and treat her horribly. But Graeme ad his family accept her. I love how Graeme is with Eveline. Unlike most arranged marriage tropes–this one doesn’t have angst in it which is quite refreshing.

Never Seduce A Scot - Copy

♥Aria and Braith♥

These two meet and fall in love under some stressful circumstances. Aria and the other humans have been forced into slavery by vampires. Aria is part of the rebellion but when she is captured and claimed by a certain vampire as his blood slave of Braith her life changes. These two go through some rough patches, but they fight together for freedom of all. This pair is simply wonderful, they work great together but they also have a strong bond to each other that makes the reader want to fight for them.

♥Dallas and Cordelia♥

I can’t tell you how much love I have for this pair!!! They are simply fantastic and I can’t count the times I have read their story Texas Glory. They end up together in a marriage of convenience. Dallas is a man of wealth and power. Cordelia has only known a life being afraid of everything especially intimacy. The treatment she has received from her father and two of her three brothers have forced her to be afraid of her own shadow. Two complete opposite, but in this book we see their character growth and the slow steady way they fall in love is priceless.

Texas Glory 2

♥Raine and Ellysetta♥

Raine is the King of Fading Lands and Ellysetta is his fated mate. These two fight together to save their people from the evil mages. Their story carries on into four books!! And what a fantastic ride C.L. Wilson takes us on with this couple. Man just thinking about these two makes me want to do a re read. Simply fantastic. One of the best fantasy couples I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I love their story and seeing the development of their relationship build through time, war, and triumphs and sorrows.

Crown of Crystal Flame

♥Curran and Kate♥

Now this is a epic couple that is quite popular and this author couple team has done a brilliant job with these two and its still an on going series. But definitely a memorable couple you want to see more of. Their relationship start out slow through, its not until the fourth book that their relationship becomes more romantic. But I love seeing the depth and growth of it over time.

♥Hawke and Sienna♥


Hawke and Sienna are such a wonderful couple that Singh has written. These two are a bit different. Hawke is a powerful Alpha of his pack. Sienna is Psy and a powerful one. Hawke and Sienna are mates, but it takes them a while to work out the kinks. And boy do they clash—they are both proud and independent and like to have their own way. And man their chemistry could sizzle the pages.

Kiss of Snow

♥Ross and Sophia♥

Now these two are a riot and I had a blast with these two. From the first chapter, you feel the chemistry and boy it is quite charming to see these two work out their issues. For one, Ross is older and he doesn’t believe he is worthy of Sophia. But Sophia is hiding secrets, secrets that could destroy what they have together. Ross is quite the rake, sexy and handsome and he knows his way in the bedchamber. Sophia is quite the innocent, and she handles Ross is such a perfect way.

Lady Sophia's Lover

Questions For My Readers: 

Have you read any of these couples and do you like them? 

Who are your most memorable couples?