Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Favorite Highlander Romance series


For about the next month or so, I want to cover my favorite series by topic. Today I want to go over the Scottish Highlands. Now, for those who know my reading taste, know how much I adore my sexy men in kilts. They are by far some of the best heroes and their lasses they fall in love with have such spirit and courage and I want to share my favorites with y’all!!! Today I am just going into my favorite series….later on I will do a more detailed post on the Scottish highland themes in romances.


Highland Lairds 

This trilogy is probably the best that Julie Garwood has ever written. It features three lairds, all scots , its set in the medieval era. What I like about this trilogy is how true it holds to the culture and nature of the Scottish People. Yet it still has a easy going and witty engagements to keep you spellbound. Garwood has done wonders with this trilogy, and I can’t count the time that I have re read this trilogy. Simply fabulous.

McCabe Trilogy 

In The McCabe Trilogy we have three brothers. Who have worked hard to rebuild their clan and each book is each brothers story. Maya Banks has done wonders with her historical’s. And the McCabe Trilogy is by far one of the best scottish series you could ever pick up. In fact, this is the best work she has ever written. (yes, I have read her contemporaries and they don’t hold a candle to her HR). This is a trilogy of fierce highlanders and strong willed women. Packed with humor and wit….engaging scenes and delightful characters to fall in love with.

Return Of The Highlanders 

Now I couldn’t say enough of this quad series!! This series is based on warriors and friends, but these are fighters, and we see the setting where they have to fight for their freedoms. This story takes place after the Scots loss to King Henry VIII. These four companions, are determined to rebuild their clan. This series is simply wonderful in every way and I don’t think there is anything I could complain about. I loved each of these books,


I love love LOVE this series. In my mind its way better than KKM’s Fever series. When I first started reading this series, I honestly couldn’t get enough of each book. I loved the legends, the history that came alive and oh man the romance was simply terrific. Sexy and romantic each book is!!!

Maclean Curse 

This series, is based on the family Maclean’s. Their family is cursed and they seek a way to get rid of it. I really adored each and every book of the series. Each was fantastic and it was quite fun to see the antics of the family. They definitely don’t disappoint.

Highland Guard

The Highland Guard is one of my favorite series. I still need to read the latest two releases. But its not a small series to read. What I have loved most about this series is the historical context. This deals with a “special ops” team you could say, all Scots fighting for their freedom and working with Robert the Bruce. I loved how authentically realistic each book is yet isn’t depressing like some historical romances from this time can be. Monica McCarty knows how to write with depth and emotion and she writes brilliant love stories.

The McKenzie Family Clan 

oh, my sweet Mackenzies!! Such a fabulous family that Jennifer Ashley has written for us. Each book has been wonderful. I love how the series has grown but to this day….Ian is still my favorite of them all. Each book is heartwarming, witty and enchanting. Its the type of series that you can see yourself reading multiple times.

22 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Favorite Highlander Romance series

  1. So many delicious men in kilts! YUMM! When I first discovered the romance genre, I was all over the highland romance. Over the past few years, I haven’t read much historical at all, which is sad 🙁 I remember loving Maya Banks series though! I want to get back to historical romance one of these days. <3

  2. You know how much I adore the Julie Garwood series. Especially The Secret. That book is just so good! I actually wasn’t a fan of Shadow Music, though.

    And The McCabe Trilogy! I still have the last one to read but I am not a total Maya Banks historical romance fan!

    1. oh that is a shame about Shadow Music, I believe that was one of the first books I listened to from her and really enjoyed it. But The Secret is phenomenal. Oh you haven’t read the last one yet? I believe that is my favorite of the trilogy. So you would love it.

  3. I have so many books that I need to read. I did enjoy Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series. I think that I have several of the Karen’ Hawkins series that I just need to get around to reading. I do have to agree with you that there is just something about a kilt!

    1. That is awesome that you enjoy Moning’s highlanders. I have known many that have read that series but I love that series way better than her fever series. Oh Karen Hawkins is simply fabulous. Love her books and have for years.

  4. It’s funny, but while I am very aware of several of these series and even have a few on the shelf, I haven’t read them. And yet, I love highlander romance, too. So many wonderful ones out there. I’ll have to check out the couple I’m not familiar with.

      1. This is going to make you want to thump me, but I have all of KMM’s and two of Maya’s, two Jen Ashleys, and two Monica McCarty’s right on my shelf. Yep. See? This is why I signed up for your Oldies challenge. LOL Then there are all the other highlanders I snagged and need to read, too. Hopefully, I can get to a couple of these this year between review commitments. I’ve tried to keep from accepting so many so I can read my own books more. We shall see…

  5. Wat could be better than sexy men in kilts?!? I, too, love KMM’s Highlander series. And Maya Banks’ McCabe series as well as her Montgomerys and Armstrongs. I’ve read and loved Mallory’s The Guardian and own The Sinner but haven’t read it yet. And Garwood’s series…*sigh* Brodick Buchanan may have ruined me for all other highlanders! 😉 I’ve not read the other series you listed here but if you love them, I’ll give them a go!

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