Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Fantasy Worlds I Want To Live In

Tea and Biscuits is a meme that I created for every Monday to discuss various topics in the blogging world with the focus being romance.

So today I want to share some wonderful world settings and today the focus is epic fantasy world building and the worlds I would love to live in.

I just love this “fantasyland” world that Kristen Ashley has created. Its one of my favorites in epic fantasy, and if you love Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, this is a world you will fall in love with. Its so rich in detail and I adore what KA has done with these books and can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

The Warlands is a wonderful world and one of the best epic fantasy worlds written. Its has intrigue, warriors, passion and great character dynamics.

Grace Draven writes some of the best fantasy romance, and the Wraith Kings book is true evidence of that. We get lots of unique creatures, some intense world building and royal machinations.

Ly San Ter, is a barbarian type of world. This series though is a mix of science fiction and epic fantasy. There is plenty of swords, unique men and women roles and some unique dynamics.

Tairen Soul is such a detailed and so craftfully created and C.L. Wilson has done a wondrous job with these books. I love the magic, the beautiful winged creatures, the fated love story, and seeing good conquer evil by fighting for what is right.

The Kingmaker Chronicles may have some issues but I LOVE and ADORE the world building. There is so many intense battles and fun bantering and boy the various levels of magic and depths of intrigue that is highly addictive.


What fantasy worlds would you like to live in ? 

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