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Can y’all believe that its August and the summer is almost over already?? I can hardly believe how fast its flown by. But the silver lining is that there are some AMAZING books that are coming out this fall and I just can’t wait for them!!! There are quite a few I am planning on…so its a long list. But I also included pre order links to Amazon and Goodreads—if you like that 🙂

Magic Binds by Illona Andrews—Book #9–Goodreads |Amazon|  Price $12.99| Released Sep 20th 2016

Magic BindsMercenary Kate Daniels knows all too well that magic in post-Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business. But nothing she’s faced could have prepared her for this…

Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship official. But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar…

Kate’s father, Roland, has kidnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry in his never-ending bid for power. A Witch Oracle has predicted that if Kate marries the man she loves, Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever. And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead.

The odds are impossible. The future is grim. But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rules…


The White Spell by Lynn Kurland—Nine Kingdoms #10—Goodreads |Amazon |  Price $11.99| Released Oct 4 2016

The New York Times bestselling Nine Kingdoms Saga continues in a land where light and dark magic vie, and The White Spellwhere a reluctant hero and seemingly defenseless stable maid must join forces against an encroaching evil.
Acair of Ceangail, youngest bastard son of the worst black mage in history, has followed in his father’s footsteps, wreaking havoc throughout the world and leaving powerful enemies in his wake. After a year of reparation, he owes a final bit of penance: twelve months spent working in a barn without using his magic.

LĂ©irsinn of SĂ raichte understands horses, stable work, and how to judge men’s hearts.  When she starts seeing shadows where there should only be light, she knows there is evil afoot. Unfortunately, it’s something she can’t fight on her own.

Acair’s attempts to aid LĂ©irsinn only draw the notice of dangerous mages against whom he is currently defenseless. With only each other to rely on, Acair and LĂ©irsinn find themselves suddenly in a race to save the world before it’s consumed by darkness…


My Seductive Highlander by Maeve Greyson—Highland Hearts #4—Add To Goodreads|Pre Order On Amazon| Price $3.99| Released Oct 11 2016

My Seductive HighlanderIn this scintillating novel from the author of My Tempting Highlander (“Another exciting and heartwarming time-travel romance.”—Vonnie Davis), the ladies’ man of Loch Ness meets a hot-tempered lass who sets his heart aflame.
Though part of a legacy of time-traveling sisters, Lilia Sinclair is planted firmly in twenty-first-century Edinburgh. Her granny’s matchmaking with thirteenth-century Highlanders isn’t about to lure her into the past, especially as ancient Scotland enters troubled times. After all, Lilia is blessed—or cursed—with dire prophetic visions. To protect herself, she’s put up an icy emotional wall no man could cross—until a pair of gorgeous, rippling arms breaks right through.

Graham MacTavish is pure trouble. Once the dragon bound to Loch Ness, he’s transformed into a philanderer of the first order. In fact, because of his dalliances with other men’s wives, a rival clan wants his head on a pike. Before he provokes an all-out war, Graham is banished to the twenty-first century, where he must win Lilia’s hand—or return to die. But after meeting a lass as fierce as any Highland warrior, Graham knows one thing: life with Lilia, in any century, is a fate to embrace.

To Tame A Texas Ranger by Linda Broday—Book 1 —Historical Romance—Goodreads|Amazon|Price $6.15| Released Oct 4 2016

To Love A Texas RangerA Ranger. A Cowboy. An Outlaw.
Men of Legend

The Texas Ranger
Gravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate…only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?

Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra’s arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her-his life, his badge, his very soul-knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law…and some legends were born to be told.


Her Rogue Alpha by Paige Tyler—Book 4—Paranormal Romance—Goodreads|Amazon|Price $6.15| Released 6 Sep 2016

Former Special Forces Lieutenant Jayson Harmon can’t believe that his war scars don’t matter to beautiful feline shifter Layla Halliwell. Why would she saddle herself with a broken man?

But Layla knows that Jayson is a hero to the core, and that only she can heal his wounded soul. So when Jayson is deployed on another deadly mission, no way is Layla staying behind..





Discovery Of Desire by Suzanne Lord–Book 2—Historical Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price $6.15| Released September 6 2016

AN EXPLORER LOST…Discovery Of Desire
To the East India Company, he’s the ideal explorer: unwed, uncomplaining, strong as an ox and profitable. There’s nothing Seth Mayhew can’t find—until his sister disappears en route to India. The expedition is the first he fears he may fail, until he discovers a valuable, and irresistible, ally sailing on the same ship to Bombay.

But Wilhelmina Adams is on an expedition of her own—for a husband. With six sisters, no dowry and no marriage prospects in her Derbyshire village, Bombay promises a husband and security. But assisting a dangerously distracting explorer won’t improve her prospects.

It’s an inevitable partnership, but the winds of fate are ever changing. Adventures that begin in the bazaars of Bombay can diverge to the slums of London and patchwork fields of England. And at each port of call, Seth and Mina will have to risk everything to unearth the heart’s greatest prize.

Guardian’s Mate by Jennifer Ashley—Book 9—Paranormal Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 7.99| Released September 6 2016

Guardian's MateShe wasn’t ready to lead…

Chosen as the Guardian of her Montana Shiftertown, wolf Shifter Rae Lyall is facing opposition—for no woman has ever been selected for this powerful position. Still adjusting to the new authority thrust upon her, Rae travels to train with Zander Moncrieff, a Shifter healer, tasked with teaching her about her new role and its responsibilities.

He wasn’t ready to love…

A polar bear Shifter, Zander wears no Collar and follows no rules but his own. Rae finds him arrogant and demanding, yet compelling and intriguing. Zander has no wish to mate but the sassy Guardian is drawing him out of his shell, stirring feelings long suppressed. And when a new threat looms over Rae’s home, she and Zander must race to the rescue, forced closer to danger…and to each other.

A Study In Scarlett Wmen by Sherry Thomas–Book 1–Historical Romance–Goodreads|Amazon| Price 9.99 | Released October 18 2016

A Study in Scarlett WomenUSA Today bestselling author Sherry Thomas turns the story of the renowned Sherlock Holmes upside down…

With her inquisitive mind, Charlotte Holmes has never felt comfortable with the demureness expected of the fairer sex in upper class society.  But even she never thought that she would become a social pariah, an outcast fending for herself on the mean streets of London.

When the city is struck by a trio of unexpected deaths and suspicion falls on her sister and her father, Charlotte is desperate to find the true culprits and clear the family name. She’ll have help from friends new and old—a kind-hearted widow, a police inspector, and a man who has long loved her. But in the end, it will be up to Charlotte, under the assumed name Sherlock Holmes, to challenge society’s expectations and match wits against an unseen mastermind


Immortal Nights by Lynsay Sands–Book 24–Paranormal Romance–Goodreads|Amazon| Price 6.99| Released Sep 20 2016

Immortal NightsIn a sizzling new Argeneau novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands, an impulsive rescue pairs a sexy immortal with the woman made to be his for eternity.

Abigail Forsythe’s life hasn’t been easy lately. Still, if there’s one thing guaranteed to take her mind off an empty bank account and abandoned dreams, it’s a naked man locked in a plane’s cargo hold. A very big, incredibly gorgeous naked man. And when instinct prompts her to free him, Abigail must rely on this stranger for survival…a stranger who leaves her thrumming with need every time they touch.

Tomasso Notte knows he’s found his life mate in Abigail. Now he just has to hold on to her. They’re miles from civilization, hunted by his kidnappers. Abigail has no idea of Tomasso’s abilities, or of how intensely pleasurable their unique connection can be. But he’s about to show her, beginning with one wild, hot, immortal night…


Sparking The Fire by Kate Meader–Book 3—Contemporary Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 6.99| Released September 27 2016

Sparking The fireKate Meader’s blazing Hot in Chicago firefighter series has “everything you want in a romance” (RT Book Reviews, Top Pick)! The flames of desire burn out of control in this sexy third novel when ex-lovers unexpectedly reunite for a sizzling affair that will have the director yelling, “Quiet on the set!”

Actor Molly Cade, America’s fallen sweetheart, finally has her shot at a Hollywood comeback with a dramatic new role as a tough-as-nails firefighter that promises to propel her back to the big time and restore her self-respect.

Wyatt Fox, resident daredevil at Engine Co. 6, needs a low-key job to keep him busy while he recovers from his latest rescue stunt. Consulting on a local movie shoot should add just enough spark to his day. Especially when in struts Molly Cade: the woman who worked his heart over good, and then left him in the Windy City dust.

Their story is straight out of a script: irrepressible, spunky heroine meets taciturn, smoldering hero. But these two refuse to be typecast, and when the embers of an old love are stoked, someone is bound to get burned…


The Perks Of Loving A Scoundrel by Jennifer McQuiston–Book 3—Historical Romance–Goodreads|Amazon| Price 5.99| Released  Sep 27 2016

The Perks Of Loving A ScoundrelEvery girl dreams of a hero….

No one loves books more than Miss Mary Channing. Perhaps that’s why she’s reached the ripe old age of six-and-twenty without ever being kissed. Her future may be as bland as milk toast, but Mary is content to simply dream about the heroes and adventures she reads about in her books. That way she won’t end up with a villain instead.

But sometimes only a scoundrel will do.

When she unexpectedly finds herself in the arms of Geoffrey Westmore, London’s most notorious scoundrel, it feels a bit like a plot from one of her favorite novels. Suddenly, Mary understands why even the smartest heroines can fall prey to a handsome face, and Westmore’s is more handsome than most. But far worse than the damage to her reputation, the moment’s indiscretion uncovers an assassination plot that reaches to the highest levels of society and threatens the course of the entire country.

When a tight-laced miss and a scoundrel of epic proportions put their minds together, nothing can stand in their way. But unless they put their hearts together as well, a happy ending is anything but assured.

A Wedding For Christmas by Lori Wilde–Book 7—Contemporary Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 5.99| Released October 25 2016

The whole town is ready for the holidays:A Wedding For Christmas

The Cookie Club is baking,

Main Street glitters with lights, the carolers sing . . .

There’s even a Christmas wedding.

When bodyguard Ryder Southerland sees his best friend’s sister Katie at an L.A. Christmas party, he mistakes the slinky blonde for a celebrity stalker and tackles her. Then they tackle each other . . . at his place. The next morning, Katie’s gone, and Ryder tells himself it’s for the best. It isn’t. Now, one Christmas later, Ryder’s falling for the woman he’s been missing in the town he hasn’t missed at all . . .

Katie Cheek’s outgrown the romantic fantasies she had about Ryder when she was fifteen. Katie’s packed their hot night away in a box labeled “fling”—or tried to. But Twilight’s bad boy is the best man in her brother’s wedding. And up-close and personal, Ryder’s impossible to ignore. So Katie can either go into hiding—or surrender to Christmas magic.

While The Duke Was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan–Book 1–Historical Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 5.99  Released October 25th

While The Duke Was SleepingSometimes the man of your dreams . . .

Shop girl Poppy Fairchurch knows it’s pointless fantasizing about the Duke of Autenberry. Still, dreams can’t hurt anyone . . . unlike the carriage Poppy spies bearing down upon the unsuspecting duke. After she pulls him to safety, the duke lapses into a coma and Poppy is mistaken for his fiancée. But one person isn’t fooled: his arrogant and much too handsome half-brother, Struan Mackenzie. Soon Poppy isn’t sure what she wants more . . . the fantasy of her duke or the reality of one smoldering Scot who challenges her at every turn.

. . . is not who you think.

An illegitimate second son, Struan may have built an empire and established himself as one of the wealthiest men in Britain, but he knows he will always be an outsider among the ton. Just like he knows the infuriating Poppy is a liar. There’s no way the haughty Duke of Autenberry would deign to wed a working class girl. It doesn’t matter how charming she is. Or tempting. Or how much Struan wants her for himself.

A Date At The Altar by Cathy Maxwell–Book 3—Historical Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 6.99  Released October 25th

A Date At The AltarNew York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s glittering Marrying the Duke series continues—Twice he has been close to the altar and still no duchess.

Will the third time be the charm? A duke can’t marry just anyone. His wife must be of good family, be fertile, be young. Struggling playwright Sarah Pettijohn is absolutely the last woman Gavin Whitridge, Duke of Baynton, would ever fall in love with.

She is an actress, born on the wrong side of the blanket, and always challenges his ducal authority. She never hesitates to tell him what she thinks.

However, there is something about her that stirs his blood  . . . which makes her perfect for a bargain he has in mind: In exchange for backing her play, he wants Sarah to teach him about love.

And he, in turn, has a few things to teach her about men 


The Earl by Katharine Ashe–Book 2–Historical Romance—Goodreads|Amazon| Price 4.99  Released October 25th

The EarlHow does a bookish lady bring an arrogant lord to his knees? Entice him to Scotland, strip him of titles and riches, and make him prove what sort of man he truly is.


Handsome, wealthy, and sublimely confident, Colin Gray, the new Earl of Egremoor, has vowed to unmask the rabble-rousing pamphleteer, Lady Justice, the thorn in England’s paw. And he’ll stop at nothing.


Smart, big-hearted, and passionately dedicated to her work, Lady Justice longs to teach her nemesis a lesson in humility. But her sister is missing, and a perilous journey with her archrival into unknown territory just might turn fierce enemies into lovers.

Questions For My Readers

Are you excited for any of these?

What is on your list for the fall?

18 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Fall Love for Books

  1. I’m so excited to read the Sherry Thomas ones. I’ve only ever read her YA trilogy, but I adored it. And Kate Daniels. I’m going to have to catch up soon. I think I’m on book 5 right now? I love Kate & Curran!
    The Paige Tyler book came up on my GR and it looked really interesting. I haven’t read anything from her before, but I’m interested for sure.
    I hope the Sophie Jordan is good too!

    1. oh yes we have some pretty good ones this fall. You would love Paige Tyler!!! I can never put her books down once I start. I adore Kate and Curran so much. I am stoked for Jordan’s book—most of what I have read from her has been so great.

  2. Fall is such a great time for new releases. I’m pretty excited for While the Duke Was Sleeping because I love the movie that inspired it. But that also makes me pretty nervous to read it because I love the movie so much. High expectations and all that.

    1. There is always so many great releases in the fall—I always wonder if thats on purpose or what? hehe I hear ya about While The Duke Was Sleeping, but I do love Sophie Jordan. Hope its meets expectations.

  3. There is a bunch of books that I really looking forward to on this post. Can’t wait for Ashley, Sands & Wilde. My fall is looking good!

  4. Oh
    Oh yes, Magic Burns, Her Rogue Alpha, Discovery of Desire and A Study in Scarlet Women. My reading pile for the fall is already so full and who knows how many more I’ll want to read that I don’t even know about yet. haha!

  5. So. Many. Good. Books. I have a couple on the TBR already: Lori Wilde, Jennifer McQuiston and Lynsay Sands but I can’t wait to get Jennifer Ashley and Ilona Andrews, too!

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