Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Digital Reading

Tea and Biscuits is a weekly meme post where there is talk of topics ranging from blogging to read and anything in between.

Today I would like to talk about the types of reading there is out there….whether its physical reading, digital or audio listening….all these types of reading is beautiful but sometimes our preferences change in our reading. When I first started a blog, I was ALL about the physical books. Of course, digital reading hadn’t even really began. I think sometimes we tend to lose sight of how NEW digital books actually are. It still feels crazy that it actually hasn’t been around for that long.

My digital reading journey was slow. And at first I wasn’t all for it, I had too much love in reading physical books and so I wasn’t ready to go fully on board. But I did grab up a NOOK (although I started with a NOOK I did switch over to KINDLE)  and started reading a bit and I did start to fall in love with it and the more I read digitally the more I started to gravitate towards it. I think if it wasn’t for having access to ARC’s I probably would still be in the “physical reading” boat. But the past couple years its really become harder to read physical books especially in romance. When it comes to other genres I tend to want more physical books. However, when it comes to romance, reading digitally it much more my catnip now. Especially in that digital reading tends to save more money as well. And since grabbing up the Kindle Oasis, I can’t put my reader down.

Even though it seems like everything is becoming digital now, I can’t seem to resist. Even though I am more old school in many ways, it seems like when it comes to reading romance ….my kindle is going to be my go to.

So what is your preference? Do you have a preference when it comes to reading? Do you like reading on a e-reader? or prefer books in its physical format? Or are audiobooks your jam?