Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Delicious Covers and Why we love em’

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I know I really shouldn’t judge a book by a cover by I so dang well do!! I can either love em or hate em. And there have been times where I didn’t like the cover and read the book and loved it. Other times I loved the cover and really didn’t like the book. So it can go both ways but in all honesty if I see a pretty cover I will grab it up more often times than not. There are many different types of covers I like though. They don’t have to be the same or have a similar style, but they need to be something that the eye is drawn to.

What I love most is when a cover relates with the story. So it bugs the hell out of me when I see a heroine in the story with red hair but on the cover she has blonde hair—huh??!! Just doesn’t work out for me. Or if there are certain designs on the cover that doesn’t seem to relate with the story at all. For example Jessica Clare’s books…now she does fantastic work and I have loved everything she has written, but most of the time I scratch my head at the covers because they really don’t have anything to do with the stories. Or if they do, I honestly can decide how it works out.

My favorite aspect in covers, are couple poses. This is a win win for me every single time. I think why I love it most is because I am a hopeless romantic, and since I read romance the story is about two people who fall in love. So I love seeing two people on the cover. Of course I don’t mind the pretty dresses or the gorgeous hunks….but there is something uniquely special about seeing a romantic couple pose. There are many different kinds out there too. Now I fell in love with romance covers when I was a teenager, so I like the older covers just as much as the newer ones. I know not many will agree with me on that….but I love them and am dang proud of it!! Sometimes when I do a review for a book, I will use the cover I like the most and most of the times when its a re release of a older published book…I use the older cover. Like for example the Lisa Kleypas historical’s. They have been re doing all the covers for her books, and yes the dressses are pretty and fun but in all honesty….I much prefer the older covers to the new ones. They are classic and they come with stepback covers (which is one of my favorite things) I have no clue why but I just love the stepbacks. Of course, most of her books I own on paperback so I can enjoy the older covers to my heart content.

What is truly wonderful about covers is the way they can portray a story in the right light or the wrong light. There are times that if it has the right cover that matches the tone of the story just right—it really sets up the story for the reader.

Favorite Book Covers

A Dangerous LoveA Season Of Seduction ExtendedTo Beguile A Beast-ExtendedA Breath Of ScandalThe Trouble With Texas CowboysThe Beauty and the SpyIn Bed With The HighlanderOutlaw Heart9780062047755A Belated BrideA Tale Of Two VikingsBack In The GameBurning SkiesTexas Mail Order Bride

Questions For My Readers

What Do You Love Most About Covers? 

Do you have a certain color? Or style of covers? 

What Are Your Favorites?