Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: December TBR

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So today I am going to share what I am planning to read this December, I can’t believe we are at the last month of the year of 2020. As much as I am eager for this hell of a year to be done and over, I also am not quite ready to call the year quits just yet. So my focus this month is Christmas/Holiday/Winter themed reads and trying to read as much as I can for my “Romance-opoly” Reading Challenge.

I have this up for my romanceopoly reading challenge and its also a christmas themed read and its an anthology with a combo of some of my favorite authors.

I have been wanting so badly to pick up these books here, And I just bought this one so now I have ZERO excuse not to read it.  And yes cowboy in the snow is highly appealing.

I just saw a review for this at a fellow bloggers blog and she has me so fascinated by this one and definitely want to grab it up…plus the COVER!!

This is a book I have had on my TBR for the longest time and I just love the plain jane trope so I am ready for it.

Carolyn Brown writes the best western books and I have really grown into her Christmas reads, they are so cozy and fun filled.

This is one of my favorite authors to read for Christmas reads, I just adore them in so many ways. And her covers are just drop dead gorgeous.

I think this is the only one of this author’s books I have yet to read and I am not sure how I missed out on this one here.

I have been meaning to get to this author for quite a while and when I saw that this was available at my local library, I decided to grab it up and see what I think of her. I hope it pans out fully.

I have had this one in my kindle library for what seems like forever and I am not exactly sure why I have yet to pick this one up yet BUT I need to. Probably the mixed reviews, but I have adored the Briar series and need to fit in some New Adult this year if I can.

Everlasting is a book I will be getting to. I have put it off for years because its the last book of this author I have yet to read and have high hopes for. But its also part of my Romance-opoly Reading Challenge.

I have been on the fence in reading this series, because I am SO not happy with this author and her PR team. But I hear they are fantastic suspense military romance

I just simply adore this author but have yet to read her erotic romance but I hear this one is FANTASTIC!! I really have only read good things about it. And even though menage isn’t normally my thing, I do find myself fascinated by the aspects of it.

So tell me …..what is on your top pick lists for the month of December? Any goodies you are looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!

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