Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions -Choosing Books To Read

The process to choosing a new book to read can be one of the most challenging processes for a book reader. From what I have seen, each reader and even blogger has their own way and process of choosing books to read. This process can be very simple or very complicated depending on the readers tastes or even mood. For some its just a simple matter of just picking up a book that mildly interests them in some way either the genre or sub genre….or a certain trope or dealing with certain political or independent aspects. As for dealing with romance novels, which is what I mostly read (other than religious literature), I do have a certain process but its not very complicated. I try to keep reading as simple as possible. I don’t feel the need to make it this long complicated process of choosing one book to read.


Now like most readers I am sure, there are plenty of unread books on my bookshelf. Both physical books and books needing to be read on my kindle. But its not a huge number, especially when in comparison to my Goodreads Wishlist Shelf. So these books are always on my mind, especially since I am not one to buy a ton of those “freebies” or cheap deals on Amazon. I am very picky when it comes to buy books or even those freebies on my kindle. For me, it has nothing to do with memory space, its more about quality reads. I believe the amount of books on my kindle unread are about 20-30 books. Normally once I buy a book I read it pretty quickly. However there are are some books that have slipped through the cracks. Now as for my physical shelf, I have lately gotten hooked on “Half Priced Books” and man the big one they have in Dallas that just has great selection especially when it comes to historical romance. So I probably have about 40-50 books needing to be read on my shelf. Then we also have plenty of books from Edelweiss and Netgalley (which is my greatest downfall and temptation) and as well as library books. I have such respect for libraries and all that they offer. And even the Dallas library here isn’t as good of selection as the one I had in Utah, its not bad either.  So how does one choose from all of these options for their next great read. It certainly can be a trial that is for sure. However for myself, I have a simple process. Now most of the time it really depends on my mood. There are certain genres that lately I really have to be in the mood for. But not all the time. I do try to make an effort to balance out my reading. For example, if I just read tons of ARC’s in a row, I will get trapped in a book slump which is the worst ever. So I always try not to overwhelm myself with them. I know some people can read them as much as possible and not struggle at all. And even though it can be hard saying no to so many books, I have learned especially on Netgalley, to only request books I would end up buying myself.


So I normally have three options for reading 1. An ARC read 2. Library Read 3. TBR book sitting on my shelf whether its physical or digital. But then you have to put in what I am in the mood for and it can become a bit dicey. Sometimes I am in the mood for Contemporary romance for days or weeks. Or sometimes I just am itching for some sexy Lords and Highlanders and Pirates. I love every sub genre in romance so it can be challenging at times. But I always try to rotate my reads from ARC to my Library/TBR reads. For example last night I was deciding what to read. I had just finished a wonderful historical romance which review I will be posting later today. So I had a bit of a slight book hangover. So none of my ARC’s appealed to me much. And none of my library picks interested me either. So I was feeling pretty down last night because I wanted to read a book but had no idea what to read. (So very frustrating right?) So I was just browsing my kindle library, and I came upon a book I thought I had read since I purchased it a while ago, but I noticed on Goodreads that I hadn’t read it. Although it was odd because on GR it says it has been read, but not date set or rating or review and if you know me at all I review every book I read. Or I try to anyway. But since this is a more recent release from the past year or two, I knew I hadn’t picked it up, probably just a glitch on Goodreads. Anyway, so I picked it up and started reading. So choosing a book to read can be a struggle some days and other days it’s not. I do miss the days, where I would just load up on library books and have a tower of books, and just read them in order of where I placed them. (and yes it was a tower about 20 for three weeks). Back then a few years ago, I could read anything and not have to be in the “mood” for it. However, since reading ARC’s, I have to read a book I am in the mood for. Choosing a book to read now is a lot more complex than it used to be. Before e readers or even Goodreads came to life. And yes I was reading romance long before then. I remember the days when choosing a book to read was as simple as a visit to the library or the local bookstore. I have enjoyed seeing how much the book industry has grown over the years and even though at times trying to find a book to read can be a bit frustrating at times….it can also be a fun adventure as well!!

Question For My Readers

What is your process for choosing a book to read? Is it simple or a long and complex formula?