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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Children in Romance

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Welcome to another week of Tea and Biscuits where we talk about issues, books and romance!!

Today I wanted to touch on a topic that is very close to my heart, and always bring me joy when I find it in a romance….Kids in Tow!! Yep I love seeing children in romance and I have NO shame for it. So why do I love seeing it so much? Children I have a soft spot for and quite frankly many people in the world have children and I do believe the widows/widowers, divorcees or those that choose to be single parents on their own deserve love too!! My sister is one of those….she raised her son till he was five all on her own but then fell in love with this wonderful man and their story was like a romance novel of their own 🙂 There is a level of innocence and tenderness and laughter that children can bring to a romance. And yes seeing kids put of the sexy times is pretty funny but true to real life. Any parent will tell you that.  But to be honest some of my all time favorite books feature single parents and with some great kids that make me wish I was a mother. (one day I will….but I kinda need a man for that and I would like to be in love with him first)

I understand if having children in romance isn’t your cup of tea, that is more than okay. For example the ladies at Heaving Bosoms have differing thoughts on this issue. One loves kids in books and the other doesn’t. So we each like different things in romance. But as a friend of mine that run Bookish Creation quoted today “Looking At Life From Only One Angle Limits The Beauty’s You’ll See” And I feel like there is much beauty in a romance that features the little kiddies, the babies, the pups and the cubs.

So below I wanted to share my favorite reads that feature children in books and if you like seeing kids in tow in a romance than grab them up folks….HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO YOU ALL!!

I adored this book so much and all the children. Emma Chase did wonders with this one, all the kids added such charm to the story without overrunning the love story that develops here.

Okay I will say that I ADORE this book, I own it in paperback, so that should tell you how much I love it. I bought it because I wanted my own copy. The hero is a father of six daughters and they are all rebellious and the hero is a military man and a spy working for the crown. The heroine is hired on as a governess and she has a bit of a criminal past when she was younger. ITS FANTASTIC. I just love the children and their creative antics and how well the heroine handles them so well. And the hero learns to GROVEL and so well.

This is a newer release and boy is it GOOD!!! I love the way that Tessa Dare writes children in her books. This book features two little girls that have lost their parents and been tossed around the family and learned to be independent at such a young age. They are charming and funny and won my heart as much as the romance.

This is bad boy racer falls in love with a woman who has children and boy I loved the way he interacts with them. He is so good with them and men and kids are hot as all get out and Erin McCarthy really wrote this aspect so well.

Cameron, is quite the rogue, he loves horses and racing and gambling at times. But he is also a single parent and has been for years. His late wife was crazy literally. And I loved how he sacrificed a lot for his son Daniel (who is just like his father) and boy I loved Daniel so much, he is older in this book not the typical age you find children in but not a adult either.

This book shows the lengths that a mother will go through to protect her child. And I just adore this book and seeing the connection between two and some fun times with John who is so sweet.

I really loved the way that the two children of our heroine are placed into this book and seeing the hero accept them and love them despite their wildish ways. He forms such a close bond to the children that is so endearing.

This features a bit of a more mature couple which I like. The heroine is a mother of a teenage son and I really liked seeing how devoted she is to him. The hero is a bit of a playboy but has a great connection with her son which I dearly loved.

The hero is a single father of two little boys and he hires the heroine to babysit them while he is gone, and I LOVED how well she gets along with these children who just need some nurturing and love and understanding. They are such sweet and smart children and they add the right touch to this story that is needed.

This book doesn’t exactly feature a single parent, but the heroine helps rescue a boy that has been kidnapped and she returns with him to Scotland to return him to his parents who are the couple from “The Secret” and he is so precious, smart and sweet and a bit wild and funny at times. He is an integrel part of the story and I really enjoyed the way that Garwood wrote him in.

The heroine is a single mother and she meets the hero when she gets a flat tire. And plus its KA who writes children so well into books and she did a great job with Ride Steady!!

I big brave man that can fight in any battle but when he returns home to have custody of 12 little kids….he seeks help and needs a wife because he has NO clue what to do with them hehe Its so funny to see a big bad male tremble when little kids are around. But he forms a close attachment to these children and its simple so heartwarming.

This is Mary Poppins with a few twists in the retelling but the children have such silly fun antics and I loved their creativity and uniqueness that is put in the story. They are so wild though and I loved seeing them get somewhat tame bit by bit and having some structure in their lives.

This features a hero who is a single dad and his son is so precocious and cute and just like his father in so many ways. I LOVED him, he was my favorite side character….so funny. He just made this book complete.

Gentle Rogue is such a fantastic book and features a pirate hero. And he is a ROGUE and a manwhore too. He has gotten around the world for sure. But he has recently learned that he has a teenage son who is the exact match to his brother but is his son. And boy he is out of his element and its awesome. And Jeremy (does have his own book) is a rogue like his father and a bit funny yet sweet and charming.

This is such a beautiful story and we have another hero that has children, Can you tell I like my heroes to be daddy’s? But he doesn’t know quite how to handle his children. Eloise has the right connection with these unruly kids and its so sweet to see them interact and form a close bond to each other.

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