Tea and Biscuits: Book Discussions–Childhood Favorites

Normally I liked to talk about my romance love of books, however this week I want to take a step back and look at those books I loved when I was growing up. Now I will be honest, this list is short. I was never a huge fan of reading when I was a kid, I just wanted to go and play outside. However there were a few that I have some strong fond memories of and there are times I wish I could go back to being so young and innocent again. 🙂 Now there are some more popular ones I didn’t list for example Harry Potter, because quite frankly I was in my mid teens when the first book came out. So I don’t consider that a childhood favorite. More like teen favorite. 🙂

Charlotte’s Web

I read this one in school and just loved it, its a great classic wqith a good lesson behind it.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew was one of my favorite collections to read….these books are pretty fantastic and I adored all the mysteries. These books are what made me intrigued by a good mystery. And of course I always loved the ones later in the series where Nancy and her two friends solve mysteries with the Hardy Boys. What about you? Did you ever read these as a kid and love them as much as I did?

Little House On The Prairie

Oh my…I adored this charming little family and how close knit they are with each other. These books are just fantastic and its wonderful to see the various challenges they are put through and seeing the kids grow up. I will admit I was a bit obsessed with these books. I think I even still own the “cookbook” which has a recipe for a killer lemonade, and even did the paper dolls. I always wanted to be Laura.

Treasury of Fairy Tales

There are literally hundred of collections of fairy tales out there, however this is the collection that I grew up with and love the most!! And the illustrations fantastic especially since this book was published when I was a kid.

Anne Of Green Gables

This book is a classic to read and I love this awkard yet talkative and brave girl that goes through many stumbling blocks we all can relate to. I saw so much of myself in her.  I will admit the movies are fantastic too. But the book is simply charming and fun.

Little Women

This story is simply fantastic and its rare to find a book that matches this one. All sisters are simply adorable and so unique in their personalities. Unfortunately I never had the chance to continue the books. I was given this one for Christmas one year when I turned ten. I read it and loved it. Its a classic and one of the best books ever written and anyone will love this book and I dare you not to laugh and cry while reading it.