Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Bookstores I Would Love To Visit

Welcome to the feature “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions” where every monday we get together to talk about issues in the bookish community and our love of books and romance.…

So in this post I will be sharing the sites of libraries and bookstores that I REALLY want to see in real life!!

The Ripped Bodice

I have been wanting to see this Book Store ever since it opened….its the perfect store for any romance lover….its such a beautiful looking store and they have ALL the romance and some amazing events. Its the ONLY reason I would want to ever live in CA.

True Love’s Arrow

Another romance only bookstore I would love to visit!

Chapters Book and Tea Shop

Okay…..so a bookstore in New Zealand that blends my two favorite things….TEA AND BOOKS!! I mean there is NOTHING better right? When I visit NZ ….I am so making sure I get to this bookstore.

What  Book Stores would you love to visit? Let me know in the comments below