Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Books On My Wishlist I am Avoiding

Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions is a feature that Addicted To Romance features every Monday where we talk books, blogging and reading issues. This week I would like to discuss the books I have added to my TBR wishlist, but also books that I don’t have much enthusiasm to read!!


I read the first two books in the series and honestly I didn’t like them that much so I am really dragging my feet in picking this one up because I have no interest.

I never plan on reading this author again, now normally I am not so hard hearted against actions but this author did something I am JUST not okay with on any level and I can’t even read her highlander books anymore. I know that people can improve and be better but I just don’t see this happening with Moning.

This is an author I have really struggled with lately. With what has been happening on the delays with her historical’s and the lack of communication with the author and her PR team, I have no interest in even reading her other books.

First off illustrated covers really turn me off for a story. I know I know (please don’t kill me hehe) I am vain in romance covers and I admit it so in order for me to pick up a story has to be amazing enough for me to discard the cover art. And quite frankly I haven’t heard enough good things about this one to want to actually pick it up.

Many people rave about this book and I am sure it is great. But I am really picky about this type of story and I really need a romance focus and this book just doesn’t have that. Maybe in future books it does, we shall see what happens but its just not a book for me.

I still plan on reading this book BUT I am still waiting on it. One because I am not sure how much I will enjoy it since I haven’t read Woodiwiss in YEARS, and also because this is the last book she published before she passed away.