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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Books I Wish Had A Sequel

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Welcome to the feature “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions” where every monday we get together to talk about issues in the bookish community and our love of books and romance.…

When it comes to stand-alone’s…..I really struggle with them because they have NO sequels and especially if they don’t end the book with it all tied up with a bow, where there are teasers. Then there definitely needs to be a sequel. I am definitely more of a series gal than a stand-alone gal because I love seeing more of the “world” that the author creates and I have always felt that a stand-alone never is enough to satisfy me. So below I am going to share the stand-alone novels that I wish would have a sequel.

I just love this book so fiercely, but like quite a few of her stand alone historical’s ……I need more of the world she creates and the characters I fall in love with

Such a fascinating world and the writing is so stellar and totally shocks you, I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this fabulous book

This is such a fantastic book and I became so swept away by this world that Mary Wine creates and I hope she returns to it

This is by far the BEST book by this author and I loved the colonial era that she writes in here. I would have loved to see a sequel to this one .

Over the years I have read so many books by this author and this is the BEST one I have loved. Everything about the story is just wonderful.

Nothing is better than the angst and sexual tension that Samantha James writes, it’s simply fantastic.

This author can write HISTORICAL so well but I believe this is the only one she has done in this genre and I loved this pirate nautical world that she creates.

This was actually one of the romance novels I read when I first got hooked on romance and boy the SETTING is spectacular and I rarely see it actually and the heroine is badass, loved how these strong characters work so well together. I wouldn’t mind if this author ever continued with this world. Since its a setting we rarely see in romance.

What books do you wish had sequels in it? Are you more of a stand alone reader or series? Let me know in the comments below!

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