Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Book Covers of 2019 To Lust After

Welcome everyone to another Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions where we talk anything dealing with books, reading, blogging and more!!

Today I am going to talk about book covers….I just love a beautiful romantic cover and I have already features favorite book covers of all time, however, on this monday I am going to showcase my favorite covers of 2019!!

This is probably one of the BEST covers of the series. its so majestic and powerful and I just want to pet it, its so pretty!!

I adore this one, her dress is so pretty even if its not realistic but I love the way they are posed together, with him on the side but holding her shoulder and it seems like they are breathing each other in.

I simply adore this cover so very much, there is something about backs that I appreciate. I love that the moonlight is shining on his front, while indorlight is shining on his back….I wonder what he is drinking tea or coffee? I believe its tea as he is an old immortal.

Avon has done a brilliant job with this cover….I love the jeweled tones here, the blue, pink and purple all swirled together is captivating!!

This is so pretty, I love how they are laying on the bed, and he is laying on top of her. It has such a romantic happy tone to it. And the purple and pink is so lovely.

any historical cover where they are posing on a settee….I am all for. This cover is breathtaking and so sensual. The colors really mix well together in this one.

This is a gorgeous cover….I love the lush green backdrop and her golden dress is so beautiful and I love the way they have their foreheads pressed against each other. Lost in the moment and its beautiful.

This is my favorite cover out of all of the books!! Her dress is gorgeous and I like how her leg is raised up against his hip.

This wintery scene is so lovely, I love her wrap and how her hair is styled, its so pretty